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How to Write an Abstract for an Essay

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A notion of how to write an abstract for an essay is a valuable skill for every student as an abstract is an integral part of every 5-pages or longer academic paper. In its essence, an abstract is considered to be a summary of the entire student’s work. It is mostly used in scholarly articles, conference proceedings, essays, reviews, and analyses of specific scientific subjects. To highlight the value of an abstract in academic papers, it is important to state that this part of the text shows the reader what exactly the work is about. Thus, it captures the main points and ideas provided in an essay and describes them briefly. An abstract is always located at the beginning of the academic paper. Comparing an abstract with the summary of an essay, the main difference between them is an abstract briefly provides the reader with the concluding or results part of the paper. Eventually, an understanding of how to write an abstract for an essay is a considerable skill necessary for the academic papers’ writing.

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Basic Rules

When attempting to write an abstract for an essay, first of all, it is important to bear in mind that it contains a general information described in the work in the brief form. Thus, practically, an abstract is always written after the essay itself, whereas consideration of the work’s audience and its purposes should be taken into account. Further, it is needed to figure out whether an abstract is informative or descriptive. A proper choosing of the type of the abstract is an important feature as it reflects the specifics of the essay itself. Thus, the informative abstracts simply reflect the main points and ideas included in an essay, whereas the descriptive abstracts are the saturation of the methods, goals, and purposes of the research. In the academic papers and essays, an informative type of the abstracts is used mostly.

What Should an Abstract Include

An abstract starts with the problem statement supported by the discussion of the background or context of the topic. Then, it is required to discuss the way the research was conducted or, in simple words, what methods were used. In spite of the fact that most essays are based on the retrieved information from the scholarly articles, the major method mentioned in an abstract is a secondary research. After that, an abstract, usually, contains brief description of the result of the study. It is the most important part of the abstract as it provides the reader with the most important data. The main findings, ideas, and consequences discussed or observed in the essay either practically or theoretically, should be briefly placed in this part of the abstract. In general, every separate result explored in the work must be reflected in the separate sentence. Eventually, an abstract ends with the conclusion that is quite different from the conclusion of the essay itself. Mainly, being a closure of the abstract, conclusion emphasizes and highlights the value of the research. It is important to mention that the conclusion is used in both informative and descriptive abstracts.

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