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Artificial Intelligence: Know Its Pros and Cons

skynet terminatorWhat is intelligence? Typically, it is described as an ability to get accustomed to both – new situation and new environment, as well as understand effects and consequences that this or that action may bring. In other words, the question is about the ability that every human being has in some way. While plants and animals adapt to their environments, people do the same, but in more grandiose manner. With the up-rise of various tech advancements, it’s the right time to question AI. The latter is about providing non-living things with an ability to think to some extent. Will Artificial Intelligence change the world that we know for the better? What kind of consequences AI may have for the future?

No Coffee Breaks

One of the most important advantages of AI is that it may be used to do various jobs in a more efficient manner. The point is that machines will never have long coffee breaks or week-ends that we all like so much. Moreover, AI techs do not need to eat, sleep or rest. Thus, business area will have a stunning helper that will be available 365 days a year.

No Emotions

This is greatly beneficial since machines don’t need to worry. In other words, nothing will interrupt the process of work and all the tasks will be performed just the way it is required. Human beings are not able to do the same since it is really hard for them to work under emotional pressure.

Minimized Costs

AI techs do not need a paycheck every other month. Although they are pretty costly to install and power, the sum of money you will need to spend is greatly less than what your firm full of human employees will have to be paid.

Technologies and advancements are happening in our lives every single day and, without a doubt, they have negative sides. What are they?

Job Loss

Taking into account the fact that more and more machines can easily cope with the tasks that a typical job seeker is assigned with, the rate of jobs loss will be climbing. Since the very moment the factory machines were introduced, humans have been losing their positions to technologies…

Lack of Personal Connections

The other problem with the AI occurs when the question is about sympathy and compassion that machines are usually deprived of. In case the robots will be incorporated into the healthcare field, who will be able to say that every patient is surrounded by the required comfort? Without a doubt, we can program AI techs to take care of the others, but…is it genuine?

Information Loss

More than once we all have experienced the problem with information loss due to some computer damage. The majority of our videos, documents and images are usually kept on various forms of technology. Each of them can get broken and cause a lot of problems in case the damage happens in bank and healthcare areas.

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