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How to Understand the Requirements in Written Assignments

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pen and notebookIf you attend high school, college or university, you get tons of assignments every single day. And the first step on your way to the desired A+ is reading the written assignments requirements. While you may find it as easy as pie, the reality is a lot of students tend to skip the reading part and truly believe they’ll get the point in the process. And that’s the road that can lead one to the defeat. The simple and useful tips from our assignment writing guide will help you to unravel your task and start working on it as effectively as possible.

Read It!

As soon as you know you’ve got an assignment, make sure to read it carefully. It’s a really bad idea to put this part off since reading the task will help you to understand how much time you’ll need to complete it, and whether there’ll be problems in the process. Even though you’re 100% sure the task is an easy one, it doesn’t mean it won’t require your precious time and efforts to complete it. Moreover, some of the assignments may require you to learn a completely new skill in order to get the work done!

Know The Task of the Project

This is when you have to stop and pay attention. The task of the question informs you on WHAT you’re supposed to do when you work on the assignment. Search some key verbs in the task sentence. The words like compare, analyze and summarize will guide in the way you should think about your topic. Besides, the words like when, how, why and where must be considered as well since they’ll direct you toward important information.

Mind Your Style

Look at the comments and assignment expectations provided by the college tutor. The phrases like ‘Make sure to be concise’, ‘Discuss furiously’ or ‘Write narratively’ may give you a hint on what style is preferable for your project.

Determine Who Are Your Target Readers

Now, who is your target audience? The majority of college students think their instructor is the only audience they should consider. Without a doubt, your tutor is a very special person to remember in the process of writing. But your task is to create the best quality paper, which is why it is important to think about your readers as someone like you best friend, your boyfriend or relative, who is smart enough to think logically, but not someone who is already aware of what your paper is about. In case your tutor knows every single thing about the topic assigned to you, she’s still be curious about the way you can approach it.

And finally, consider the technical information that is usually given with the assignment. Thus, you will get a better understanding of how to approach the task. The elements like the citation format, the page length, the margins and the fonts are usually negotiable. Some instructors usually don’t provide strong preferences with these issues, while the others are quite strict about the assignment requirements. Hope our assignment writing guide has helped! Good luck to you!

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