Essay on Teenage Pregnancy and the Burden of Early Motherhood

March 10th, 2017
“Soon you’ll be a mother” the phrase that will make every mother-to-be happy at hearing the news. But for some mothers it may be shocking and terrifying. This is a common Read More →

Korean War Essay Sample

March 5th, 2017
The supreme art of war is to end it without casualties and without fighting. But this has not been the case with Korean War that took place in 1950-1953. Read More →

How to Write an Audit Report Examples

February 20th, 2017
The audit is an official examination of a company and can take many forms that include finances, operations, investigations, and compliance. Usually, audits are created for the purpose of verification that a company is following proper procedures in its activities Read More →

How to Write an Academic Case Study

February 15th, 2017
When conducting an investigation that results in presenting a scholarly inquiry regarding the definition and solution of a particular problem, a person should consider following guidelines for the sake of understanding how to write an academic case study. In such Read More →

How to Write Acknowledgement for School Projects

February 10th, 2017
There are several reasons why it is crucial for every student to know how to write acknowledgement for school projects properly. First of all, in the presentation of a project, an Read More →

How to Write an Abstract for an Essay

February 8th, 2017
A notion of how to write an abstract for an essay is a valuable skill for every student as an abstract is an integral part of every 5-pages or longer academic paper. In its essence, an abstract is considered to Read More →

How to Write a Killer Expository Essay

February 7th, 2017
For some people the phrase “Mission: impossible” is closely associated with the movie with Tom Cruise and film series of all time. But for some people this phrase is associated with the Read More →

College Debate: The Flaws of Oratory

February 6th, 2017
Is college debate influential? Well, more than you can ever imagine. Just take a look at the courthouses, the Congress, as well as various publications. What you happen to see there Read More →

Is the US Education Actually the Best?

November 30th, 2016
From the very first time the kid enters a kindergarten to the high school graduation prom, the US government tends to invest up to $139 000 into the US education Read More →

Sample Essay on Mahatma Gandhi: The Greatest Leader of India

November 21st, 2016
Mahatma Gandhi is probably one of the most famous names on earth. The primary leader of the independence movement in India, Gandhi is also known as an architect of the non-violent Read More →