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Sample Essay on the Broken Iceberg in Antarctica: What to Be Ready for?

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broken-iceberg The recent results showed that a huge iceberg has been broken off in Antarctica and this event is highly disputed in the world. It is important to find out what consequences would possibly occur due to this event. There are different thoughts and predictions of the scholars. This issue should be highlighted.

The judgments of experienced scholars should help to define the possible influence of a huge iceberg that has been recently broken and that is currently floating in the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the largest ice shelf separations in the history and it has the fourth place. This is the most significant collapse for the course of the last 22 years. This is a way too shocking. Its size is twice as large as Lake Erie or the whole Delaware. It has been detected by the NASA experts who said that its size reaches 5,800-square-kilometers.

Professor Adrian Luckman of Swansea University is the leading investigator of the project called MIDAS. He reported that the scientists were anticipating its “breakaway” for several months. Multiple researches showed the quick melting of the ice in the course of the last 12 years. Therefore, they were not surprised. However, this cannot be said about other people.

Everybody knows pretty well that the global warming induces the melting Antarctica. The presence of the icebergs always changes the climate conditions throughout the world. The icebergs of such size will induce them quicker and the consequences may be utterly negative. Besides, the studies of the researchers assure the society that there will be no immediate effects, they are convinced that this event may change the landscape. However, there should be no worries for people lives and health. Such verdict is satisfying and comforting.

Of course, different agencies from all parts of the world will be carefully observing the whole situation and will keep track of the iceberg’s route. Helen Amanda Fricker, an Antarctic expert at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, claims that the new iceberg will go northward and will end its trip near South America.

Many people wish to know about the role of the human factor in this happening. Martin O’Leary, a Swansea University glaciologist said that there is no proven evidence concerning this issue. The iceberg’s breakaway has been induced by burning fossil fuels and some other actions. It is too early to draw the final conclusions concerning this matter. It is being studied now and the final outcomes should be expected later.

It is quite obvious that the human factor did play its crucial role. This is no novelty that the melting of the Arctic ices is caused mostly thanks to the human activity. The global warming is one of the reasons. The tendency is being kept and we should expect new icebergs. Consequently, the world society has to do something with this great problem. Otherwise, the humanity may face serious global consequences that will affect all of us.


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