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Of Carrots and Apples: Tips from Freshmen on How NOT to Get Fat in Their First Year of Study

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College provides a student with many new opportunities. New life lessons, new friends, new experiences that one will be later grateful for. But if you happen to be careless, many months of the first academic year may leave a huge impact on your future life. Automatically, this hedonistic lifestyle will be right there – around your waist or in a form of a huge beer belly.

To avoid the Shrek look and terrible comments about your extra weight, we recommend you to follow a few simple tips on how to take the best out of your precious student years without any negative consequence.

First of all, make sure to keep a mental score of all the calories your organism received from the drinks. Unfortunately, a lot of students learn this lesson in a very hard way… For instance, you take a pint of cider and it means you get more than 239 calories. This is just one of many nights studying abroad and, who knows, maybe you’ve finally found the desired inspiration to handle the Math assignment. As the hours are passing by, you somehow drink more than 5 pints of beer. This means you absorb…oh my God. Needless to say, you are not going to touch alcohol ever again. Thus, it is better to check the calories of every drink before ordering another round.

It is highly recommended to say no to all those oily snacks that are usually taken in the middle of the night. Even if you can easily justify the 5 pints of beer by dancing as long as you can all night long, the midnight snack – be it pizza or a burger – will quickly bring you back at tons of unnecessary calories that are really hard to get rid of!

Why not to join some college or university sport? If you have already become a university football or basketball team star, you may don’t worry too much. But if you think that exercising is something you can’t take, why not try to become a member of some college sport club? Soccer, football or Frisbee – you will be surprised how many calories you can get rid off while running, jumping and trying to score!

And finally…make sure to look into the mirror from time to time. It never lies. I personally do not believe in scales as sometimes it can become the reason of obsession and paranoia. The point is that there can be some fluctuations caused by the muscle mass change, the time of the day you pick to weigh yourself and even how much water you take before you start the process. I would recommend every student to check the mirror as often as possible. An in case there is something that he or she doesn’t like (extra kilos, for example), time to go to the gym has come!

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