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How to Make Your Book Review Catchy

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The first and the most important tip on how to make your book review catchy is to review the book that you have read and that you really like or dislike. There’s no need to pick the book that has won various prizes for its status only. Your task is to give preference to something that you’d love to write about and give your personal opinion on. Also, do your best to stay away from such pulpy books like The Twilight Saga. Tastes differ, of course, but this kind of books is not what your tutor expects from you to review. If you don’t want to make a choice between classical books, at least pick something decent from modern ones. And if you do insist on choosing pulp fiction, make sure to provide good reasons at the beginning of the review that could explain and support your choice.

Make sure to use catchy words that will definitely bring up colorful images and resonate with your reader. For instance: “hidden treasure wisdom”, “Masonic secrets” and so on (depending on the genre of the book). You will most likely be required to bring some light to the plot of the book. Make sure to add a hooking hint of it.

How about writing a completely negative book review? Don’t be frustrated if the book you’re supposed to provide a detailed review for has not left any positive impression in your mind. That’s a good chance to highlight the main points provided by the author and provide solid evidence on why these points are weak. Provide your own view on why the issues described by the author are not convincing. This will demonstrate that you haven’t made just one more review that has nothing worth to take into account, but that you have conducted a thorough research on the book, weighed up all points and drawn your own conclusions.

Before you start writing, spend some time on a thorough research of what has been written before. Try to find as many reviews of the book you’re working on as you can and carefully read them. This will let you know what has already been discussed and thus, you will get an opportunity to open up the same story from the brand-new point of view. Show up your own perspective. Your tutor will appreciate that.

Check out the aim of your writing. So, you have accomplished the book review. Now make sure to step back and apply with kind of reasoning to the work you have done. Have you succeeded in explaining all key aspects of the book you have chosen? Are you aware of who is (was) your target audience? Were you working on the book review for a class with a certain criteria or for a tutor personally (fan magazine, web site and so on) who already knows what the book is about? If yes, you may need to add some extra details to meet the demands of the audience. If not…well, the job is done!

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