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4 Hooks That Make Essays Catchy for Readers

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college paperEssays have an important role to play in the higher education curriculum. College professors and lecturers use them to gauge their student’s understanding of concepts and topics introduced in classes. The essays are marked and graded using a standard grading rubric as determined by the college. The student’s marks for essays will be used when calculating their overall grade, and this makes finding the time to deliver the best papers very important if you want to pass your exams. Essays are usually graded on their content quality, but there are other things that are just as important, and one of them is making your essays catchy and interesting. A catchy essay will hook your readers and entice them to read further. This improves your chances of getting a higher mark since your professor will be interested to read your text in its entirety. To help you write award-winning essays, there are hooks that you could incorporate into your writings to make them catchy.

1.  Pictures

Images are great resources college students can use to break the monotony of their essay. You can have a title image and other images within the text for every point that you wish to cover. Images are visually appealing as well as they are a great way to break up chunks of texts. Having seen an image in your essay, the reader will want to know the whole story behind that image, and this will entice them to read further. You, however, cannot use any image that you come across. Your images should be relevant to what you are writing about. They should also be clear and vivid enough to communicate what you intend to pass across. You can use your own images or royalty-free pictures that are available online.

2.  Real-Life Examples

Real-life examples are also great hooks for your essay. As you explain a point, refer to a situation that happened to you or someone you know to explain your point. Your example, however, has to be brief and to the point so as not to ‘hijack’ the entire essay. Explain your example clearly and calmly to receive the best possible results.

3.  Videos

Sometimes, an image may not communicate your point clearly, and when this happens, students should use videos. Videos can cover a lot of issues, and as such, they can be used in place of several images. This reduces the visual media that a student attaches to his or her essay, and videos, therefore, come in handy when you have to limit the use of external media in your essay.

4.  Metaphors and Similes

Metaphors and similes are great hooks for your essay. These figures of speech allow you to compare and contrast two situations, and this helps you communicate your message better. They are also an indicator of a student’s ability to express himself or herself in different ways rather than the ordinary one.

You will score highly in your essays if your papers are catchy and interesting. Use the above-mentioned hooks to spice up your content for the best results.

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