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Changes in College Curriculum to Give Students a Break

September 16th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

legally blonde we didAs a rule, when a school year comes to the logical end, all students have something in common – they have already achieved (or not) their key goal of getting high school experience and AP & IB exams competition has just started. Moreover, it also feels like the world of the college admissions is constantly changing at the moment and potential college students will face something unexpectedly implanted into the curriculum.

How’s the College Curriculum Changing?

While some changes are not bad at all, a lot of modifications being implemented simultaneously require one to sit and make it clear what the hell is going on. Getting back to 2002, the students had an opportunity to apply to more than 3 colleges, while the recommendations and applications were accomplished on a piece of paper. That’s right, a piece of paper!

Taking into account the fact that everything is being done online now, students tend to send more and more applications, picking up to 15 schools at once. With so many various options offered at the moment, it’s highly important for the counsellors to guide students accurately, as well as inform them on important details in the process. Let’s take a look at the range of important transformations in the area of college admissions for the potential students of 2017.

Advantages of Effective College Curriculum Change

First of all, college applications have gone through a number of changes. Students are allowed to start working on the application even earlier than academic senior year. Absolutely great advantage for those, who wish to be proactive over this summer. Even though a lot of individuals believe it’s important to help students to stay away from college stressful atmosphere, working on college applications during summer break is a good decision. Thus, young boys and girls have enough time to consider all options and they do not get into the trap of application process, when it’s too late.

The New – Coalition Application!

It’s time to also meet the new issue called the coalition application. The latter turns to be supported by almost 90% of universities and colleges with the main aim – to make college education affordable for every student. Students get a chance to create the so-called Coalition account early and to use an online locker needed to keep important files or artifacts and use them in the process of applying later. For instance, an extraordinary work of art done in a class can be stored directly in a virtual locker. In order to get the status of a Coalition member, one should stick to three basic rules: the graduation rate of the college shouldn’t be less than 70% after six years; they should comply with all demands regarding the students with low income; the in-state costs must be affordable.

And as for the SAT essay, it is getting optional nowadays. The majority of educational establishments will be accepting both new and old SAT scores. The experts recommend to take Practice ACT and PSAT scores seriously.

Whether you like it or not, the process of college application is being modified. However, with some efforts and some luck, the class upcoming in 2017 will have a bright future ahead.

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