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Problems with Parents: Coming Home

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When college students come home after the first semester in college, it can turn to be pretty tough for the whole family. While moms and dads are waiting for their daughter or son to arrive, the student is excited about trying out his newfound independence.

The thing is that the first semester in college may be the very first glimpse of freedom for a young individual. He or she may wonder over if it is possible to come home and still enjoy the newfound independence.

There are several tips for the parents and students to follow when the college years begin. First of all, parents shouldn’t be alarmed if students appear home absolutely exhausted after the final exams. Bags under the eyes, sleepiness and tiredness – ignore all these zombie effects. After a couple of days of good sleep your child will ‘reload’ and will be brought back to life! Remember yourself in college and just let him (or her) relax.


It is highly important to openly discuss money issues. Parents need to find the right time when their child is willing to discuss the question. They must tactfully help her / him understand how important the budgeting is. The point is that finances may be one of the most important themes during the first visit home. Taking into account the fact that first-year students find it hard to manage money properly, mom and dad are required to discuss the student’s budget, as well as point out where the young man or lady may be spending too much.

Time Management

One of the most crucial topics of the first days is time. A lot of parents automatically return to old rules when their child was at high school. In order to help ease the tension, parents must have a serious discussion with the student in order to come to an agreement that recognizes their child’s independence and their own need not to worry.

Since the college winter break can last for one month, it can be a pretty tough task to coordinate family schedules. The thing is that students may feel themselves torn between spending time with their family members and pals. This is the time when both sides have to make thorough plans in advance and consult each other when pondering over vacations, family parties as well as all the other events.

Back to the Past

One of the mistakes that moms and dads tend to make is doing everything for the child. Without a doubt, it is very easy for them to fall back to the old habits when the time for the winter break comes and the students come back home. What parents should do is to encourage their child to continue to take responsibility for the things that she / he dealt with in college: finances, medical appointments, computer maintenance, etc. This will give the young person an opportunity to grow competent, independent and self-confident.

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