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How to Choose an Awesome Topic for a Free Composition to Blossom

essay-writing-topics-guide Everyone once had to write essays and many know that the most complex part of this task is choosing essay topic. Selecting essay topic is a crucial issue, which dictates the success of your work. It is difficult to choose a theme, many ideas hover in the head, but in the end, you have to decide and to do it promptly. It is not necessary to spend a lot of time on selecting a theme because in this case, you will not have enough time to write your essay itself. And here are some pieces of advice on how to write a composition on a free topic qualitatively.

«I’m an expert on this topic»

Freedom of theme choice is the ability to select a theme in which you are guided well. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to present them beautiful and structured. So do not even think to write about something you won’t be able to depict qualitatively, take a moment and possibility to choose a theme.

Time is running out

You need to spend not so much time on the choice of the theme. Use the method of elimination, cut off topics in which you are not sure. If you like the theme, but know little about it, do not take it because you will not be able to disclose the issue fully.


Make a tentative plan of the chosen topic. You might encounter some difficulties, in that case, change the direction of the theme. You can afford this, as this essay is on a free topic. This may be a shift of emphasis to the other aspect of the theme or its harping with some other hand. Pay special attention to the title of the work. Identify the lexical meaning of each word in the title, as well as the general significance of the entire expression. This will help you make sure that you properly formulated the essay topic.

Interesting content is the basis of everything

Your theme must comply with the subject matter and unfold some sapid question, perhaps even a few of questions. Exciting theme from the first lines will entice the reader. You can do certain errors or inaccuracies, but good content will rescue your work.


Essay structure should be standard. Freedom is only in the topic choice. In the rest, the work must correspond to the standard algorithm: it must contain the introduction, main part, conclusion. Remember about the correct ratio of all three parts volume. The main part is the largest by volume, the introduction is two times less, the conclusion should be the shortest.

Catch the inspiration

Create an essay with enthusiasm. Remember that you chose a theme on your own, so there’s no turning back. It should enthrall you, you should burn with desire to share with readers your reflections on this topic.  In this case, readers will be interested to read and certainly will not fall asleep while reading.

Creating an essay on a free topic is a real pleasure. With these little hints, it will not cost you any labor.

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