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Cooperation with Classmates: Make Your Life Easier

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Effective work in group requires college students to take certain risks, to share their ideas, listen to the other representatives of the group and make sure to develop and reconcile various points of view. Students are used to competing with each other, working individually and receiving the rewards for the right answers. But sometimes the academic routine requires them to get together and work hand-in-hand to achieve the results that are beneficial for each student of the group. Without a doubt, being placed in a group, means that you should cooperate with your mates and act socially.

Know what kind of college students you are. State your position clearly and accordingly. If you’re willing to do well in the class, make certain to sit in the front of the classroom. All this needed to provide you with an opportunity to get surrounded by the students who feel and think the same way as you do and who have the same set of the goals. This will give you something in common.

Make sure to be constructive, polite and never be judgmental. It’s not easy to get along and cooperate with people when all of them represent different ideas, mindsets and beliefs. That is one of the reasons why so many people are afraid of a group work. You never really know who you are going to co-work with, and that causes a bit of uncertainty. It is important to treat every individual with respect and listen to each of them.

Take an active part in various group activities. Both – informal and formal study groups or various group projects are a unique opportunity to make friends with your classmates and productively co-operate with them. Just make sure to meet them up and communicate with them outside the class. Hang around when the lessons are over instead of flying to the door the very moment the bell rings. Spend some time chatting with your classmates. Discuss some important issues or just the things that happen in the class, or your plans for the upcoming week-end.

Always be friendly! Besides working on all assignments together and contributing, there’s something else you can do in order to make your academic routine easier. Being friendly and sometimes fun in the process of work will make everyone feel comfortable communicating with your and being themselves when dealing with you.

Make sure everyone in your group feel comfortable. See what they like and what they don’t like. If there are shy students, it is recommended to approach them individually to speak with them on the things that matter. You will feel rewarded helping your classmates integrating the process of work and making new friendship connections.

And finally – give it time. No matter how big your educational establishment is, you will definitely see the same faces most of the time. As the days will be passing by, you and your classmates will have more topics to talk about. Shared experiences are great icebreakers, remember that!

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