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Sample Essay on Essay Writing: What Does It Cost a Student to Create a Strong Paper?

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strong paperCollege students have to sacrifice a lot to be able to write strong academic papers. This sample highlights some of the things students have to sacrifice for this purpose. 

Before joining college, most students imagine life on campus as a huge party with very little academic activities. This, however, is not the case, and you will have to take your studies seriously if you want to graduate in the end. To do this, you will have to attend all your classes, write your papers, and take your tests as well as pass them successfully. When it comes to your academic papers, you should deliver nothing but the best results if you want a good mark for your writings. This, however, is not easy since you will have to set time to research your papers, draft the pieces, and edit them for submission. Since you will have to write several of these papers in the pursuit of higher education, you will have to sacrifice some of your campus pleasures so as to have enough time for your papers.

Your social life will have to take a huge hit: you will have to sacrifice attending your college parties and other social gatherings so as to have enough time to spend on your assignments. This, however, is not easy since the campus is all about parties. There could be as many as ten of them, but if you want to write the best essay or research papers, you will have to avoid these parties for sure. Concerts could also be happening on campus or off it, and you will have to stay away from them to give yourself enough time to draft your papers. Some of these parties are loud, and this makes concentrating on your writing assignments very difficult. Woe unto you if your roommates are having a party in the room or your dorm neighbors are having one since they will keep urging you to join them when you are studying.

College students will also have to stay away from their friends to have enough time to write their papers. If you keep ditching your friends to study, you will eventually lose them, and this could leave you without friends. Social contacts and interactions are very important even when you are chasing higher grades, and students should have time to spend it with their friends and acquaintances. Without your friends, you will be all alone with your books, and this may result in depression and other psychological challenges.

You will also have to do away with all forms of entertainment such as movies and reading your favorite books. If there is a TV show or movie that you like, you will have to almost forget about them when you are in school. The only books that you could touch are research and reference materials.

Writing top-quality essays is not that easy, and you will have to sacrifice a lot so as to have enough time to write your essays. Above are some of the things students are forced to do away with for this particular purpose. Anyway, we do not say that this issue is going to last for tens of years. As soon as you graduate the university, you will be able to attend all the missed concerts, read the adoring books, and so on.


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