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Sample Essay “Davy Crockett or the King of the Wild Frontier”

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david davy crockettThe sound of the name of Davy Crockett takes us back to August 17, 1786, when a legendary frontiersman, three-time Congressman and folk hero was born. Originally from Greene County, Tennessee, Crockett fought in the War of 1812 and was killed in the Texas Revolution.

As a kid, Crockett was the fifth of nine children in a family of parents Rebecca and John Crockett. The last-named taught little Davy to shoot the rifle, when the boy was 8 years old. When the legendary man turned 13, his father made the decision to choose the right school for the son. Davy spent only four days at school, when he had a serious conflict with the class bully and was afraid to go back. Instead, the boy ran away from home wandered for the next three years, polishing up his woodsman skills.

Before the age of 16, Davy went back home in order to help his father to work off the debt to someone named John Kennedy. Once the debt was off, he chose to work for Kennedy.

Crockett’s private life did not lack grief and pain. At the age of 20 the man married Mary Finley. Two lovers would bear a daughter and two sons before Mary passed away. But the new love was not long in coming. Davy Crockett got married once again and had two kids more.

Once the War of 1812 had broken out, Davy joined a special mission under Major John Gibson to seek revenge for the earlier attack of Creek Indians on Fort Mims. In 1815 Davy Crockett was discharged and entitled as a fourth sergeant. It was also the year of family reunion in Tennessee.

Now there began a period of political activities. At home Crockett became the member of the local State House of Representatives. In 1825, Davy Crocket made an attempt to run for the 19th Congress, but he did not succeed.

In 1826, running as a candidate from the Jacksonian Democracy, Davy Crockett managed to gain a seat in the 20th USA Congress. However, in three years he decided to change his viewpoints to the anti-Jacksonian, and later was re-elected to the 21st USA Congress. His stint in the USA Congress came to end in 1835.

It’s worth noting that during his career in the political ring, Davy Crockett gained a reputation of a frontiersman that provided him with a rapid ascendance as a folk legend. While he was a truly efficient woodsman, his notability as a sharpshooting, radical and natural-leader frontiersman was to some extent the result of his efforts to win votes in each of the political campaigns.

After his fiasco in the 1832 congressional election, Davy Crockett lost his passion for politics and decided to join the Independence War in Texas. He was killed on March 6, 1836 during one of the battles in San Antonio. Even nowadays historians are not capable to name the exact cause of Crockett’s death…

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