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Sample Essay on the Personality of Donald Trump

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donald trumpA truly gifted and professional self-publicist, Donald Trump is an internationally acknowledged property tycoon, who has been known for his showy style since late 80’s.

Being the representative of the business family, the young Donald assisted his father in a wide range of ventures related to affordable house building. From the very moment Trump got engaged in the industry, he proved that he had a really good eye for business. Right after graduation Donald went to study finance at the Wharton School located in Pennsylvania. The very moment Trump graduated, his only aim was to reach higher than his father in a real estate area.

In order to reach all the goals, Donald was in need of solid connections. With that in mind, young Trump moved to Manhattan in order to join the local exclusive club, where the only condition set by its members was that Donald did not steal beautiful wives of the older members of the club. All the contacts that he obtained in the New York City provided him with a direct access to the funds and power that in turn made him not only rich but famous within the particular market niche. Donald Trump knew all the aspects of the industry psychology and while all his colleagues and opponents were cutting corners and lowering prices, he raised his.

It was through the efforts and talents of Trump, that he became one of the most successful and influential landlords of the era of 80’s.

In 1999, Donald Trump made the announcement regarding his intentions to run for President as the candidate from the Reform Party. However, this idea wasn’t crowned with success.

As for the romantic side of Trump’s life, his first wife Ivana became a real celeb, as have their kids Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior. But the love was gone pretty soon and the couple divorced in 1992. Late Donald married Maria Maples. The lady gave birth to one more child – a girl named Tiffany. In 2006, Trump’s third wife gave birth to a boy Barron William.

When the matter concerns professional aspects of Donald’s life, it is important to mention that he has done his best to make the USA great again.

To achieve that he used a special formula that includes some crucial points that are pretty harsh and should be taken into consideration with some sort of humor. For instance, Trump recommended repealing ‘Obamacare as well as replacing it with anything that will be beneficial for every individual’. As for the current President, Donald recommends to end Obama’s executive actions on the matter of immigration. Together with that, he finds nothing wrong in ending border crossings from Mexico for the reason that some of the individuals that cross the border are ‘rapists’. In order to do so, Trump would like to build a huge wall directly on the Mexico – United States border.  To say more, the multi-millionaire finds nothing wrong in making Mexican people to actually pay for that wall. Being absolutely confident in his abilities to rebuild the US infrastructure, Donald is focused on his core goal – to take the country and ‘make it great again’.

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