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Elite Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness for Graduates

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Some people tend to think that graduating from a prestigious educational establishment automatically makes the live of a happy student rosy and careless. To say more, they truly believe that if you are a graduate from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge or any other well-known educational establishment, your world is the fairy tale like with unicorns and a lot of fairies. But the reality is far from these beliefs.

In actual fact, while you have an opportunity to buy an education, you will never be able to purchase happiness! Various surveys performed all over the United States of America proved that college graduates who once attended elite colleges actually are not faced with the perspective to feel highly engaged in work. To say more, a lot of young people are not thriving in any of the aspects of their lives – be it financial, physical, social, community or purpose one.

More than 30 000 college grads from all 50 American states were the participants of the poll, which provided a clear and more detailed picture of the school’s value. According to the latest studies conducted within the educational industry, only 39% of college graduates have a strong feeling of engagement at work – meaning, for example, that they were really pleased by what they did every single day and are both intellectually and emotionally connected to their positions. And just 11% of respondents pointed out that they were absolutely successful within five different aspects of their lives (including a strong sense of purpose, financial stability and solid social network).

In other words, even those people who once graduated from prestigious college, as a rule, do not lead optimal lives. And those individuals, who can boast of leading great lives, happen to get their diplomas from many different types of educational establishments – not just the ones that are known for their “elite brands”. If not perfectly reputed educational establishment, what does really correlate with the absolute contentment in college grads? The answer is simple – it is the quality of personal relationships that college students had with their mates and support they received from mentors and professors in the process of education. The students, who failed to build strong relationship with their group mates and professors, weren’t successful at building the same foundation at their future jobs.

One can easily find new good friends anywhere, in college or not, but educational establishment enables you to learn from successful and skilled adults who are further along on the life path than you. Thus, in case you know someone who at this very moment is selecting a college, make sure to encourage her or him to conduct a thorough investigation regarding what opportunities for extracurricular activities and mentorship are accessible instead of just being hooked by the “elite name” of the school.

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