Tips on Crafting the Best Customized Essay

The number one rule to follow and the very first step to take when writing the essay is to start as early as you can. The thing is that the more time you can avail of, the less stress you will get through in the process of work. You will be provided with a bunch of time to shape the essay the best way you can.

Custom Written Essay Part I: Introduction

The first task is to craft a solid thesis statement. You can cope with it rather quickly. Attract the reader’s interest and make her or him read further. Professional essayists, who actually receive money for their work, recommend to make use of four basic patterns to hook the target reader’s attention. They are anecdote, historical review, surprising statement or a famous persona. Some topics are better understood when linked to the short historical review. As for the anecdote, it will definitely make the story more interesting for the reader, while a surprising statement will engage him and cause an interest to know more. Besides, people like to know what the famous personas do or say. Just dropping the name of some celeb in the essay introduction section will hook your reader’s curiosity.

Custom Essay Writing Help Part II: the Body & the End

If you take a look at any essay sample available on the page of any of custom writing services (ThePensters including), you will see that a typical project of this type involves the middle part called the body. The body of the essay usually comprises three or four paragraphs each dedicated to a certain argument. Each of the paragraphs must be logically constructed and include so-called link sentences that connect one paragraph with the other. The body of the project is the place where you should put the meat of your argument. Make sure to choose the strongest evidence you have and present your points. One can make use of various types of evidence, from anecdotal stories to statistics. As a rule, this part of the essay is the longest one. An integral part of every essay is the conclusive part. This is when you get all core points together and sum them up. Avoid any new information to be provided within this section.