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Sample Essay on a Life as a Fresher: The Issues a Newbie Faces in the First Months at College

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college freshmenCollege freshmen face a lot challenges in their first few months on campus. This piece takes a look at the life of a fresher and the challenges they face.

Joining college is the dream of many. It is where eager scholars learn various aspects and eventually gain knowledge and expertise to be able to contribute positively to nation building and development. Other than studying, college students are free to do as they wish, and this makes them have some fun times. Scholars are able to meet people from different cultures, and this greatly enhances their college life. Life in a university, however, is not all that smooth since students are required to study hard to be able to pass their classes. The newfound freedom can also become quite overwhelming, and those who are not careful may find themselves making wrong decisions that are going to haunt them later in life. Freshmen have it tough since they are experiencing all this for the first time. Being away from home for the first time is challenging since their parents are no longer available to make sure they eat properly, have clean clothes or sleep comfortably in their beds. They have to swap their homes and comfortable beds for some not-so-comfortable dorm rooms, beds, etc. This transition is overwhelming for some freshmen, and some of them even rent off-campus apartments for their living quarters.

Another thing that college freshers have to deal with is an increased workload. Assignments in the first year of study are usually quite difficult, since at this stage, students are yet to specialize, and they practically study everything that is considered beneficial in the job market such as communication skills and basic accounting. Some college professors assume that most of these common courses are easy, and as such, they hardly come to the class. To make sure that the students have absorbed the courses, they hand out lots of assignments that students have to attempt and submit on time. Freshers, therefore, spend sleepless nights dealing with these assignments and leave themselves with very little time to sleep.

Colleges usually take in a lot of freshmen every year, and new students are able to meet and make a lot of friends. Most of them make friends with fellow freshers, but some are able to make friends with much more experienced students. Since people are brought up differently, freshmen may make both good and bad friends. Good friends are those who steer them in the right direction academically while bad friends are those who influence them negatively or introduce them to harmful habits such as drug and substance abuse. Freshers should, therefore, be careful when making friends early in their college life as the wrong friends could misdirect them that will make them forget about the main objective that took them to college – to get the education.

Life in college is difficult with all the assignments and tests that one has to pass to be able to graduate. It is particularly hard for freshmen who are experiencing college for the first time.


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