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How to Focus on College Essay Writing When You Are Overloaded

#1Writing an assignment in college is easier said than done. With friends, works, activities, events, classes, and other distractions, sitting down to write an assignment, especially if it is a long one, becomes quite difficult. Students usually have a number of things happening at once, so, when they actually sit down and try to do their work, they easily become overwhelmed and scatterbrained due to being overloaded. If you are in this scenario and want to focus and get the work done, then follow the below tips:

Don’t Try to Multitask

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, the worst thing you can do is panic and try to do everything at once. Your brain isn’t exactly equipped to handle multiple tasks at once. What your brain will do instead is switch back and forth between tasks, which will wear you out faster and reduce your efficiency. Plus, short-term memory can only hold 5-9 items at any given time, which are later transferred to the long-term memory if they become encoded. When the brain is constantly bombarded with information, you are to remember lesser of what you receive than if you have just focused on a single task before moving on.

Turn Off Notifications

When you are constantly receiving notifications and messages, you can easily become distracted – let’s face it, those sounds are probably alerting you to something more interesting than what you are studying. What you can do is to close all tabs on your computer that are unnecessary and switch off your phone or put it on silent. If there are any time-wasting apps or websites that pop-up in the background, try blocking them to stay focused.

Listen to Calm Music

This is especially helpful if you like working in public places. The noise can easily break your concentration, and playing some music can drown them out, preventing them from distracting you. Also, listening to the calm music not only helps you concentrate but also relaxes you and gets you into the right frame of mind. Avoid music with lyrics – it is as distracting as hearing conversations.

Have a Snack

Porncorn is a perfect snack for studying. According to a report that was presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting, popcorn is loaded with healthy antioxidants known as polyphenols. According to several studies, polyphenols have the ability to boost mood and/or cognitive function. Could this be why popcorn is a staple at movie theatres?

Another great snack is carrots. Not only are carrots good for the eyes, they also provide fuel for the brain because they are loaded with luteolin, which is a compound known for minimizing boosting memory and minimizing the brain’s inflammation.

Break Your Work into Chunks

A huge writing assignment can be daunting, and it is tempting to hold it off and procrastinate. The result is usually rushed work that doesn’t reflect your full potential. When you break up your writing assignment into smaller, manageable chunks, it becomes less and less intimidating. This allows you to give each individual chunk more focused attention.

Writing an assignment does not have to be a headache-inducing task. If you know the proper steps to take, you can end up enjoying the task and coming up with your best work. The key is to stay focused and prevent yourself from being overloaded following the tips outlined in this article.

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