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Comparison Essay Guide for Vivid and Clear Contrast

how-to-write-comparison-essaySooner or later, we are faced with the need to create a comparison essay. The first thing you need is to define this type of essay. The name holds the answer – comparison essay is a composition, which involves considering and comparing two subjects. We are talking about two subjects that have enough common points and differences to create a kind of comparative characteristics with all the pros and cons. Let us consider some nuances about how to write comparison essay.

First steps

So, you could decide on two themes and this is a plus. Again, make sure that these themes have common ground and some distinctions. First, outline the primary list of the most conspicuous similarities and differences of those topics that you are going to compare. It will simplify further work on the composition structure.

Determine the way of presenting information

There may be several variants:

  1. Discuss all the similarities of two subjects and then consistently describe their differences. This is quite a convenient method that will allow you to find your way in your thoughts.
  2. Divide the main part into two sections and devote each of them to one of the two topics. It will allow not jump from topic to topic. However, it can neutralize the very essence of the comparison essay with inept presentation of information.
  3. Compare each specific facet of two subjects by turns. Presentation of information, in this case, will be live and visual. It is substantial not to turn structured and coherent arguments into chaotic flow of disconnected thoughts.

Welcome to the main part

From the first lines of the main part, it must be clear for the reader, which strategy of presenting information you choose. Disclose each side of compared theme sequentially, try not to get lost in the stream of facts. Otherwise, the reader will also be lost. When all aspects of the two themes are presented and compared, make a small conclusion on the basis of the information provided. It is important not to bump into subjectivism. Try to evaluate themes with an independent point of view.

And here is the conclusion

A comparison essay is no obligation to decide a winner or loser. Definitely, each of the subjects has undeniable advantages and equally indisputable disadvantages. Summarize all presented in the main part. Make a conclusion about each topic for the reader to create a complete impression of the essay. It is important to serve the information so that a person who doesn’t know anything about subjects will be able to understand all your arguments.

If you are not sure of some of your findings, it is not necessary to present them. So, you will get stuck and confuse the reader.

Avoid vague conclusions of the type «themes are different, but similar», or «themes are similar, but different». It negates all your comparison work.

Using these tips, you can never go wrong in creating the correct framework of the comparison essay.

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