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Sample Essay on After-Holiday “Hangover”: How to Get Back into a Study Mode

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Study ModeIt is always hard to return to listening to lectures, learning new materials, and, especially, completing home tasks after long holidays such as the Christmas breaks. For this reason, it is useful to research this issue in an academic paper to find out the ways to deal with this “hangover”. You will find some helpful data in our sample essay.

It is a common knowledge that long holidays beside restoring the energy and making the organism rest, disrupt the rhythm to which one gets used while working and studying. It is complicated to return to the same routine, especially to the hard and tense one, after a long period of resting – students usually feel something that can be compared with a hangover. It’s difficult to get up early, exercise and get a lot of homework done. But it is possible to deal with it and make the transition less “painful”.

The most important thing while going back to the study mode is to get enough of good and high-quality sleep. It works best when there is a routine – going to bed and waking up at the same time every day (even on holidays despite the fact that you can sleep more). Many studies prove that being fresh and rested after the night enhances concentration, memory, mood and decision-making skills.

Apart from getting a decent sleep, it is a good practice to wake up early. It’s a hard task, but it can be partly solved by placing the alarm away from the bed so that one would have to actually get up and turn it off. By starting the day early, there is enough time to brace oneself up and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

It is significant to prioritize as well. Completing the important tasks or the ones that have close deadlines first is much more reasonable than doing something that is easier. To optimize the process, it is helpful to use different productivity tactics like the Pomodoro technique, Seinfeld’s method or the Action method. They might provide additional motivation and progress.

Some students argue that a good way to get back in the swing is to study in a group. The collective work stimulates focus and productivity. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that the hard-working mood is contagious because it creates the feeling of some kind of competition. So, it’s a proficient tactic to set the mind into the right mode.

It is also essential to realize that this kind of hangover is a normal reaction of the organism. So, there is no need to be hard on oneself or feel frustration over the fact that one can’t do the same amount of work as before. It’s necessary to try different techniques and methods of dealing with it because one thing that successfully helps one person can be completely useless to another individual. And the main fact to remember is that it is possible to reduce the effects of a long break if one acts properly.


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