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How to Achieve Clarity in Essay Writing

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writing on tableThere’s something academic essays tend to miss nowadays. One word – clarity. This tool helps you make the content of your essay as easy-to-understand as possible. If your readers fail to comprehend your message, it turns to be useless, right? And on the other hand, if your essay is well-structured, professionally researched and written in an intelligent and concise manner, your reader will appreciate it and will most likely ask for more. So, how to make the essay writing perfectly clear? A few tips will help you to get started with that.

Know What You Really Want to Say

You have to make sure to be aware of everything you’re about to write down before you start. Before you type in a single word, ensure you know your main point (what are you going to do – explain, narrate, etc.) your subject (what is your essay about?) and your outline (what is the basic structure of your paper?).

Think about Your Target Audience

Knowing to whom you’re talking to is a must. The more details you know about the teacher, who had assigned you with the task, the more clearly you will write for him/her. Just imagine that your audience is a 55-year-old men/women from the countryside. Obviously, you have to write the way you would communicate with a 55-year-old. You’re not going to insult their intelligence in any way. Instead, you will be 100% sure your message is delivered properly. But before you start, ensure you know what concepts and topics your target audience is already familiar with, and stick to them as you write.

Know and Explain Your Terms

 A really simple recommendation to writing clearly is to provide complete explanations of all the terms. You will most likely have some in your essay, and if you assume your readers know them already, you might confuse them. Explain them. If your essay is focused on a particular concept or subject, explain them. Thus, your readers will be aware of what you’re talking about.

Use Available Apps

There are multiple tools that can be used to write clearly. One of them is Hemingway Editor. It helps you, when you need to cut the so-called dead weight from your essay. The app highlights wordy and egregious sentences in yellow and red colors respectively. By pointing out passive voice, dull sentences and unnecessary adverbs, the Hemingway Editor helps you to become a better essayist.

Place One Sentence in One Paragraph

This is especially good for the essay readability since it provides your sentence with enough space to hook your readers and breathe. Written content that is easy to read is also easier to comprehend. Moreover, paragraphs help your distinct ideas to stand out.

Clarity is not something that only genius can subdue. With a little practice and strong desire to succeed in academic world, you will start writing clearly.

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