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How to write better essays?

March 2nd, 2012

Essay writing is always a bit trickier. All of us pause to think of what we want to write while talking about narrative essays. The same case comes about when we have to write descriptive essays. The ideas and words just stop to flow and most of us experience a writer’s block. There must be a definite solution to the problem which can help us avoid such blocks and keep on writing whatever is there to write about without worrying about the topic or the kind of essays to write.

Talking about narrative essays, let’s focus on what are they and what is the best way to write them and learn new ideas. Narrative essays usually talk about personal experiences and stories. You can always read a lot of books and newspapers to gather ideas about how to develop a strong storyline and how to relate it to your selves. Also you can try looking at some of the sample narrative essays available in books or over the internet for some help. Reading through such sample narrative essays and other guides will help you to develop ideas and better stories in your minds so that when it comes to writing down a narrative essay, you will be never short of them.

Now when it comes to writing down descriptive essays, all of us fall short of words. Descriptive essays are a game of words, mainly adjectives to describe whatever is given. Increasing your vocabulary through reading material is a great way to build up your word power to write descriptive essays. You can also try reading any sample descriptive essay books to help you out with ideas and use of words. There are so many sample college essays and books containing a number of sample descriptive essay stories designed to help you out with the usage of words and building up of ideas and vocabularies.

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