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Essay Writing: The Importance of Error Correction

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pancil and notebookIt’s easy to get stuck with tons of assignments that need to be completed within a strict deadline. Being up to your neck with academic work, it’s no wonder you have no time to do all necessary corrections of the completed tasks before the submission. However, the reality is that essay error correction is a must. If you want the highest scores, of course.

Before submitting or printing the essay out (or any other document of the same kind), it’s highly recommended to carefully proofread it more than once or twice. This simple check will give you an opportunity to complete the final step of the writing i.e. to make sure the content of the document meets the tutor’s requirements.

When proofreading the essay, the author of the paper should first read it slowly. This will help to detect whether the paper communicates its core message. In case the essay title or its introductive part don’t clearly reflect the essay’s intent or in case its paragraphs of the body do not come smoothly one after the other, you will have to rewrite the weak parts of the content. If some of your friends can boast of having excellent prose, make sure to approach them for some proofreading help.

If you feel like the research performed on the basis of the essay title does not verify what you’re trying to say, it’s not too late to rethink your thesis as well as conduct the paper research once again.

When you’re finally done with the proofreading stage and the overview editing is successfully accomplished, that’s the right time to go on to a more exacting analysis of the essay. At this level of the errors check, the author of the project should look for the errors in word usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Even with the most powerful message, you won’t be able to clearly communicate your idea if the paper is full of mistakes.

Before you can consider the process of error correction done, don’t forget to verify each of your sources and ensure that the content adheres to the basic rules of the style you prefer to use. It may be either AMA, ASA, MLA or Chicago, Turabian, CSE, etc.

Professional and skillful editors are also an option for guidance if you have a hard time coping with that on your own. To make sure editing is conducted from A to Z, it is essential to compose a full list of possible errors you tend to do. Make certain to highlight the errors that are typical for your prose, be it punctuation or spelling ones. This will help you to focus on the priorities.

To conclude with, keeping the errors diary will help you to do all the work quickly and as a result, boost your performance in the class. Moreover, it can also help you concentrate and pay due attention to what you have already done and to what should be done next.

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