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Sample Essay on Inspiration: Who or What Makes Students Do Their Best?

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Inspiratessay problemion is one of the most important factors that motivate young people to study, overcome the obstacles and move forward into the future. This is a stimulator that may push students to great lengths and make them achieve success in their career and personal life. In our sample essay, you will find the contemplations over who or what inspires them to live a life they lead.

The role of inspiration in our lives can’t be overestimated. First of all, it helps us to achieve goals. Marina Milyavskaya, the assistant professor at Carleton University, conducted a study revealing that when a person is inspired, he/she is more likely to reach goals. What is more, this success that comes after the achievement, inspires people to set more objectives and meet them creating a sort of a cycle. Inspiration also makes us feel positive emotions improving our overall being and sparks the creativity. It is very significant in the student life. That’s why it’s essential to find out about its most common sources.

It is safe to say that the first channel of inspiration always comes from parents who often become role models for their children. If this fact is wisely-used by parents themselves, it is very easy to inspire young people to be more persistent, hard-working, kind or ambitious. That’s why children of famous actors or singers pursue the same career – not because it’s easier for them with their parents’ ties, but because they get inspired.

A celebrity can also become a good muse for a student. For instance, Thomas Nguyen, a chief marketing officer and a co-owner of the famous restaurant chain Peli Peli, draws his inspiration from a singer Pitbull. Although he doesn’t fancy his singing career, he is impressed by Pitbull’s brand development. Thomas says that he learned a lot by following the deals the signer signs and how he partners with the right companies. This is a great example of how a celebrity can motivate to move forward and give great ideas for further development.

Another inspiration factor can be art. It is very useful for students to visit museums, different galleries or exhibitions to see what people created, create and will create. When young people observe paintings, listen to music or view the sculptures, they get inspired by the beauty and the powerful weight of the history behind these pieces of art. They push them to contemplate over serious issues and look for their true identity which is one of the most important things during the college years.

The last but not the least inspiration source is the books. They teach us the language and let us live many lives. They allow us to see ourselves in many roles and choose the one that suits us best. But inspiration is a very individual thing – for one person the book can be the greatest source of motivation, while another one feels encouraged by a famous scientist. However, that doesn’t change the fact that inspiration is too important to be ignored, especially for students. So, it’s significant to nourish and support it.


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