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Sample Essay on Italian Immigration to America during World Wars

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cinque terreIn the 1920s, when World War I was over, Italian immigrants had no right to come to America. A lot of Italian Americans took part in WWI. Once the war ended, each of the Italian American kids had to stay in school till he or she was at the 8th grade. In other words, the little ones were not required to work at such a young age anymore in order to earn money for their poor families. After World War I the veterans had to take a lot of different jobs in order to survive. While some of them worked as policemen, the others gave preferences to the firemen and welders, plumbers and carpenters positions. To say more, after the war a lot of Italian Americans became politicians, as well as became involved in music, sports and theatre.

The very moment Italy declared the war on the USA in 1941, a huge number of Italian Americans made a decision to fight in the army of the USA in order to defend their new homeland. As for those immigrants from Italy that had been blamed for being disloyal to the USA, they all were simply sent away. It means they had no chance to fight against the army of the United States of America. Apart from thousands of Italian Americans who defended the US during World War II, it was the time, when a lot of Italian Americans got many jobs, in particular, the ones related to the material production.

A good example of success is Rosie the Riveter. The woman was an Italian American woman, who was a brilliant aircraft riveter. She was just one of many ladies working in the period of World War II for their new homeland. It is not a secret that many Italian Americans contributed greatly to the politics of the USA and its culture.

The immigration of the Italians to America was still in process even after the end of World War II. However, the number of the immigrants was significantly smaller. Many individuals and their families, who had come to America earlier and were about to get back home later, successfully found stable income as well as happy life in their new homeland. That is why a lot of Italians decided to stay in a new country for good.

Taking into account the fact that Boston was a huge industrial city during the period of early 1900’s, Italian immigrants chose it as their main point of destination. The very first immigrants came from Genoa, located in the north of Italy. But eventually, immigrants from all parts of Italy started a new life in Boston. The North End was the number one meeting point for them and this is where they celebrate famous St. Anthony’s Feast – one of the most grandiose religious festivals on the territory of America.

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