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Essay on LGBT Rights: Appropriate or Unethical?

lgbt rightsWhen you are required to provide an essay on one of social issues, gay culture brings a bunch of hot ideas for a project of any academic level, be it the research paper, term paper, review or an essay. In this article we will focus on the latter. LGBT rights – this is something that is spoken about absolutely by all world communities. That is why you have enough space to express your own viewpoints as well as perform a thorough research on the basis of the issue.

When thinking about the “gay culture” as the foundation for the essay, one may talk about all representatives of this group – lesbians, gays, bisexuals as well as the ones coming from the transgendered populations. However, when writing on such a delicate topic, you should keep in mind that it is highly challenging for the reason that members of this subcategory of the modern society can include many individuals with significantly varying viewpoints and characteristics among them.

When pondering over the question whether LGBT rights are ethical or not, remember that in general gay culture includes a wide range of factors that are natural components of any other culture on the globe. As a rule, it includes various activists and politicians that do their best in order to guarantee the advancement of the gay culture, as well as artists and celebrities that are known to be homosexual and make major contributions to not only gay culture but to the world culture as well.

The essay related to the LGBT rights must include thorough research of all the issues that are relevant to the gay subgroup, including those in the present as well as the ones from the past. Make certain to pay attention to the fact that gay culture has successfully incorporated a variety of physical manifestations (just like the rest of the world cultures have). For instance, gay culture has drag queens, its own flag as well as residential areas that are typically occupied by the representatives of the gay community that are usually called as “villages”.

When writing on the matter related to the LGBT rights, make sure to use the special terms that are usually used within the community. Within gay culture, there are various names as well as terms that are typically given to the people that pick certain elements of lifestyle. Let us take a look at some of them. For instance, a gay man that has excessive masculinity and that projects extreme facial hair together with a larger body size, is usually referred to as “bears”. At the same time, when the question is about smaller men, who are also the members of the gay community, they are usually called “cubs”.  When the question is about the overweight and large gay men, or the ones, who suffer from obesity, they are known as “chubbies” within the specific community. And finally, slender and young gay men, who do not have much body or facial hair, are commonly called as “twinks”.

Providing your own viewpoints regarding the rights of the gay community members, make certain you’re not judging them in any way.

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