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Missing Deadlines or When This All Went Wrong

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When a college or university student fails to meet the required deadline, there is always a solid reason behind that. It never just happens out of the blue. Actually, according to the recent researches, there are several main areas that may usually cause the breakdown. Let’s have a glance at all of them.

First of all, the question is about the time management skills. The majority of students tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to cope with this or that assignment. In order to have more realistic idea of how much time you need to handle certain tasks, one should pick certain time period for every process during the day. Besides, one should double his time estimations for completing this or that task. For instance, if a student is sure that some task may take two days to accomplish, he must give himself four of them to accomplish the task.

How about prioritizing?

Whether it’s because you’re not willing to get engaged in work or you simply cannot do the required task, blurred priorities are usually the number one cause of missing deadlines. If you’re a huge soccer fan, you will definitely give your preference to soccer practice over accomplishing home assignment. This will result in a poor grade, but in the working world an individual can lose a job or miss getting the desired promotion. Just a couple of minutes every evening (morning or afternoon) spent planning out the working day will help one to cope with all the tasks in accordance with the deadlines.

Are you impulsive?

The point is that the immediate impulse gained from something that hooks your eyes (a link to the favourite movie site, instant message from a friend on Facebook, a telephone call from the best pal with an invitation to the party, etc.) can distract you from work and meeting the deadlines as well. Inability to ignore everything that is happening around you and everyone, who suddenly happens to be in need of your attention in the process of work will keep you from finishing projects in time or reaching more important goals. Wear earplugs, turn off TV / mobile phone to keep all the distraction issues far from you. And try to find yourself a secluded studying place, if possible.

Regular Communication

Providing your tutor with regular updates on the process of work will definitely help you to meet the set deadlines. First of all, this will allow your tutor to control your progress. Second – he will be able to make necessary adjustments to your work and hurry you whenever it will be necessary. Communicating with the college tutor as often as possible will help you to stay accountable, to define priorities and master key information related to the assignment, as well as to manage your time. In general, regular communication will make both – you and your tutor comfortable with the quality of work, frequency of interactions as well as meeting the set deadlines.

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