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Top 11 Mistakes Students Make in Writing

creative style guideTo err is human. To add more, perfect is just boring. Unfortunately, college professors do not share this viewpoint when it comes to academic writing. That is why you have no other way to go – making your prose as per college requirements is a must. In order to do so, you must exclude the mistakes you tend to make to ensure your writing is top-notch.

While some common writing mistakes in English writing are seen here and there, the others are rare and happen to be the result of the student’s inattention. By learning and recognizing the most common writing errors, you have an opportunity to boost your writing skills and avoid them in the future. 

1. Spelling Errors

As a rule, the mistakes of this type occur when the student uses incorrect homophones in the sentence. For instance: ‘write’, ‘rite’ and ‘right’.

2. Quoting As an Alternative to the Paraphrasing

Usually students should only quote when the original author said something perfectly or they need to express  the exact tone of the story. However, it’s forbidden to integrate somebody else’s words into your own prose as if they belong to you.

3. Apostrophes

A lot of students get panic-stricken when they’re supposed to use apostrophes.  This element is used to either indicate a contraction or a possession.

4. Sentence Fragments

This is how we call a sentence that has no subject or no verb. The latter represents the action, while the first element is actually doing the action.

5. Wordiness

A lot of students submit the essays that comprise wordy sentences that are hard to comprehend. In case you feel like you use more words than necessary, make sure to stop for a moment to make your writing clear.

6. Its & It’s

When the matter concerns it’s, you deal with the contraction of it had or it is. As for the its, the question is about possessive such as whose, his or hers.

7. They’re, Their & There

Just make sure to remember the following:

  • There is a possessive that is used to express that someone owns something (‘Their daughter went to the garden.’)
  • There is usually related to the idea or a place. For instance: ‘Richard, look over there!’; ‘There are many ways to make a pie.’
  • They’re is related to the ‘they are’ issue. For instance: ‘They’re planning to go abroad.’

8. Comma Splicing

The so-called comma splice usually happens when the author uses a comma in order to link two clauses that are complete sentences on their own.

9. Missing or Wrong Capitalization

Make sure to capitalize each of the proper adjectives, key words in the titles, the sentence starters, as well as some words that indicate family relationships and directions.

10. Improper Verb Tense Shift

Do not expect the highest grades, when your essay is full of verbs that shift from one tense to the other with no particular reason.

11. Should Have / Would Have / Could Have

Although you may say ‘could’ve’ instead of ‘could have’, this turns to be incorrect. Make sure to use the full version – would have / should have / could have.

There you go: the most common mistakes in English academic writing, students tend to make in their academic writings. Once you are able to identify them, you can improve your prose and the grades as well in the nearest future.

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