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Sample Essay on Nasty Bugs: We Crave to Get Rid of the Greatest Helpers

sample-on-bugsBugs are everywhere. When you have rest with mates in the park, you meet a lot of them. But can they only irritate us, or also be helpful? In this sample, we will get to know this.

Have you ever looked outside and noticed all of the bugs? They are all over because they are literally everywhere. Approximately, 1.5 million species have been classified which is three times more than all animals combined (Importance of Insects, 2014). This makes you more likely to encounter an insect than any other animal. Some people don’t like them or are afraid of them, but what they don’t realize is that bugs are good for our world. There are multiple reasons why getting rid of insects would be detrimental, starting with the food supply.

All kinds of creatures, including humans, incorporate bugs into their daily meal and that has been a way of life for over three million years (Bishop, n.d.). In some cases, bugs can be the only source of food, like for certain reptiles and amphibians. Without insects for food, these animals can become extinct and further disrupt the food chain in many ecosystems. These ecosystems also benefit from the ability of insects to distribute pollen over distances.

One of the most important roles of insects is pollination as it helps plants spread, thrive, and be a food source for other insects (New Ecopsychology or Spiritual Ecology, n.d.). Without bugs, vegetation and plantation would die off. This would disrupt habitats and food sources; likely causing animal and plant species to become endangered. However, plants are not the only food source insects have.

There are insects that eat the dung of other animals (Lombardi, 2013). This helps with decomposing and rejuvenating the soil for plantation growth. The new growth brings food and shelter to ecosystems, contributing to the well-being of other animals. Bugs also make another great contribution, specifically to humans, by what they can provide.

Thanks to insects, we are able to get materials like silk, honey, wax, and lacquer (Hardwood et. all, 2016). Approximately eighty percent of silk is supplied by China which produces, on average, 30,000 tons of it (Benefits of Insects to Humans, 2016). Without insects, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy these goods and materials. In fact, it is amazing how beneficial insects are.

They make up about 75 percent of the 1.2 million animal species on dry land (Waldbauer, 2014). If we get rid of bugs, we will get rid of three-fourths of the animal population. Plantation and vegetation would decrease. Animals would lose food and other important factors in ecosystems. Goods and materials would disappear and the Earth would look like a dump. It is extremely important to make sure bugs are protected and thrive. Without them, harmful things can happen.

There are numerous things you can do to help save insects:

  • Avoid fertilizers
  • Avoid bug zappers
  • Skip pesticide and artificial fertilizers in your garden
  • Buy organic
  • Educate yourself and others

There are many things you can do to help support the insect life! Keep in mind, helping insects is not a one-person effort. It is very important to spread education to others so they can start supporting the insect life too!


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