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Laziness or Something Else: When Studying Makes You Depressed

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overcome laziness

If you’re a college or university student, you’ve definitely faced with this little nasty affliction called laziness. From time to time even the most hard-working students are being lazy and wonder how to get out of the moment they’ve stuck in. When studying makes you depressed and the laziness is just coming over as a doom shadow, it’s time to get up and have all the things done no matter what it takes. You simply have to accomplish the term paper, compose an essay and perform a little research for your French lesson to become successful in the class. Although being lazy is quite depressing, you’re not alone with your problem! There are effective ways on how to overcome depressive laziness to win your personal battle.

More often than not, all you should do in order to help yourself is to get organized. So many times you’re about to do something but the chaos in your head makes it seem impossible. A properly organized work space just welcomes you to get the things done, while a completely trashed place makes you simply stay on the couch all day long. Just make sure to make everything as efficient, easy and organized as possible.

A to-do list really helps you to get your thoughts and ideas in order and finally start to work productively. It is recommended to write all your goals down so that you could visualize what needs to be done first and what can be postponed. Make sure to spend no less than 15 minutes every single night to create a to-do list for the next day. Then just cross out the points you’ve coped with. Once you stay away from chaotic schedule, you will see how easy the process of studying may be.

One of the simplest ways to overcome laziness (and even depression) is exercising. Very often we are lazy just because we are more than sure that the task is too complicated. When it comes to exercising, there’s just a need to make a sole decision to start moving! It’s a real revelation for many busy and tired students. So, next time, when you feel so fed up with the assignments, just start running! The whole point is that once you overcome your physical laziness, your mind will do just the same. After an hour of exercising you will discover that you are actually willing to ponder over complicated things. Besides, you will feel motivated to break through the barrier. There is also a possibility that after exercising several times it will seem easier to you just to work with your mind right away, without additional movements.

You could also have a special lazy day. Let it be Sunday. Being productive and busy with studying all week long is a great feeling. However, after working hard it is your right to have one lazy day. The majority of people turn their cell phones off on this day while the businesses aren’t open. This means that lazy Sunday is the best time to have a full rest and get ready for the new start – on Monday!

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