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Patrick Modiano: The Nobel Prize Winner in Literature of 2014

patrick modianoIn 2014, French author Patrick Modiano picked his Nobel Prize for Literature. The first question that everyone came up with after the famous event in Stockholm was the following – who is Patrick Modiano? To know more about the Nobel Prize winner 2014, all literature fans should consider some of the facts about Modiano.

Patrick was born in Boulogne (Paris suburb) in 1945 in a family with highly complex background. The latter set a lifetime obsession with the hard history period. Patrick’s father was a Jew from Italy, who also had connections with the Gestapo and was not supposed to have the yellow star on him, and who also had ties to various crime gangs. As for Patrick’s mother – Louisa Colpeyn – she was an actress.

The work of Modiano creates an impression that the author is writing a lengthful letter to his mother and father. According to the writer’s words, his mother’s heart was so cold that her “lap-sized chоw-chоw leapt from a windоw tо his death”. The boy spent a lot of time in boarding schools. When Patrick was a little boy his brother passed away in 1957. At the age of 17, Patrick made a decision to tear all connections with his father. He passed away 15 years later and after that, Modiano devoted some of his books to his parent.

As for the works of Modiano, the Nobel Prize winner has successfully produced around 30 books. Most of his works are created as short stories. The very first book was published when Patrick Modiano was just 22. At that time the majority of young people of his age were trying hard to accomplish at least college or university degrees. Modiano owned his big break to the solid friendship with his mother’s friend – Raymond Queneau – French writer. Queneau was the one, who introduced Patrick Modiano to the representatives of the Gallimard publishing house. Modiano’s book called “The Star’s Place” (“La place de l’etoile”), was a direct reference to that shameful period of life inflicted on the Jews.

Now Patrick Modiano lives in French capital and is known to rarely give any interview. The author shuns media and tries to stay away from the cameras and paparazzi. When the journalist of “France Today” met Patrick Modiano, he wrote that it’s impossible to meet the Nobel Prize winner 2014 at one of those cocktail parties that are so popular among the Parisian editors. What is more, you will never stumble upon him at popular TV talk shows. While the interviews of Patrick Modiano are just few, the author’s words are truly precious.

One of the interesting facts about Modiano is that he is truly passionate about mysterious things. The more things remain mysterious, the more they are interesting for the author. The writer has confessed that usually he tries to find mystery where there is none. Maybe, just like Patrick, we should do the same?

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