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Once Upon a Poem Contest: What? When? How? Why?

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poem_contestA poem contest is one of the most popular academic competitions in the U.S.A. Why do so many people participate in this contest? Students of different grades and educational institutions compete in order to show their skills, a good command of the language and simply to enjoy this outstanding process. In addition, there is a possibility to win recognition and money prizes.

What and When?

So, what is actually a poem contest? This is a special educational competition that gathers the best poets of the country. Children of different ages, backgrounds and from different school districts show their poetry abilities to find out who is the best in this or that year. The contest lasts the entire year round. Its deadline is on the 30th of April. The next contest begins just the next day on the 1st of May.


The selection is based on definite principles. These are creativity, originality and artistic quality. Accordingly, one should compose an excellent poem and be able to read it with the needed expression. Those poems that don’t fit the requirements or contain vulgarity or any kind of offense will be automatically disqualified. The final judgments and decisions are carried out by the members of the America Library of Poetry Review Committee.

Who and Why?

Commonly, the competitors are students from the 6th to 8th grades. The winning places are the first three in each age division. There may be different kinds of awards. The winners will be rewarded with the monetary rewards and a certificate of the achievements. Consequently, such competition is an excellent chance to show your excellence in the artistic and literary abilities, as well as to obtain some financial benefits.

How Much?

There is no need for paying for the participation is this sort of contests. It is absolutely gratis. One should submit in a digital way. There is a requirement for a signature of one of the parents or guardians or a sponsoring teacher.


There are strict rules concerning the originality of a poem. It should be approved by the trustworthy person that this is a creation of a student who participates in the contest. All poems should be uploaded digitally.

Your poem is supposed to be typed. Under the condition, some children have no possibility to type this can be fulfilled by somebody else chosen by the children. All texts written in other than the English language should be obligatory translated and the number of the words should adhere to the word count for English texts. The length of a single poem ranges from 25 to 250 words. Each poem requires a title, which should contain the name of the poem the full name of the author.

The contest obliges to protect the copyrights of all its participants. The poems who are awarded the first three positions in each age group will be posted on the official educational websites.

In the case, you require more details, please, contact the contest developers and ask them anything you need.

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