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Problems with Parents: Living up to Expectations

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What would you say about the person, who spends his or her entire life trying to please someone else, to meet the demands and needs of the other people, trying too hard in order to behave just the way he or she is expected to? Without a doubt, you will call it a pretty regretful existence. A lot of young people nowadays are on this very road and they have no idea how to step aside. Sometimes the idea that they can pave their own path based exclusively on their values, needs and morals pops up in their heads, but soon they forget it.

One of the problems teenagers face with is related to picking the right occupation. It’s not a secret that more often than not mom and dad what you to become a successful lawyer and you… Well, all you can do all day long is playing your favourite guitar and thinking about having your own guitar shop one day. Why not? But the question is how to let your mom and dad know you are not going to comply with their demands when it comes about choosing the occupation and, what’s more, you won’t spend your days in an office till the end of your days? First of all, let them know that happiness is more important that degrees. While it may sound a little bit too over-simplistic, it’s pretty useful. Just make them realize that if you are absolutely happy, then not becoming a lawyer or an IT specialist is not such a big deal. Let them know that helping you to get the dream vacancy is far more important than worrying about degrees and prestigious universities. At the same time, don’t get your hopes too high – the thing is parents always think they know what can make you truly happy.

When it comes to having a serious conversation with your parents about you not going the way they want you to go, remember that you should not keep everything you need to say to yourself. Make sure to let it out. Now. Express all your viewpoints. The thing is that communication is not just an essential part of the relationship. The whole point is that communication is the relationship. It is highly important to talk about your choices to your parents even in case you feel like it is going to be uneasy and uncomfortable. One of the best ways to sort the things out is to simply let everything you have inside to be open. That is exactly how happy families make great things happen.

And finally, allow yourself the freedom to speak the very truth. That’s the thing. You have to let your parents know the very truth even if at the moment your voice shakes. Be reasonable, confident and cordial. Of course, you shouldn’t threaten or shout on every word you say. Make certain to provide your reasons naturally and bravely face with the consequences.

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