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Robert Frost Essay

June 4th, 2009

Robert Lee Frost, was born on March 26,1874 in San Francisco. Frost spent the first eleven years of his life in San Francisco until the death of his father. He then moved with his mother and sister in Massachusetts near his grandparents. As a young boy Frost played baseball, trapped animals and climbed branches. His mother filled his childhood with the Bible and Shakespeare. Robert first was interested in poetry at Lawrence High School where he wrote his first poem “ La Noche Triste, “ which was inspired by William H. Prescott. Frost also joined the debating society , played football and was in the head of his class. Because of his excellent performance in high school , he graduated valedictorian with Elinor White( his soon to be wife). Frost then entered in Dartmouth college, but didn’t stay for that long because it was to isolated and restless.. He then went back home to take over his mothers eighth-grade class. Although frost was teaching he still made time to write poetry. His first published poem was “My Butterfly : An Elegy.” He then went to go and find the love of his life Elinor White. Elinor had moved to New York to go to school . When Elinor came back to Massachusetts, Frost asked her to marry him and she refused and went back to Canton, New York. Convinced that she was the only one for him, he engaged in an printer and two leather- bound , gold stamped copies of Twilight, each containing five of his poems., and then caught the train to Canton and went to Elinor’s house and knocked on the door, and handed her his gift.. She gave him an unfriendly reception, and Frost was heart broken. Full of pain and feeling crazed, Frost set out to punish Elionor, and make her feel relent. He did all this by going to the Dismal Swamp in Virginia, but on November 30, he found himself back at home in Lawrence Soon after he got back he became a reporter, then returned teaching. Elinor then finished college and was working as a teacher at Frost‘s mother school..Frost kept trying to get with Elinor and before you know it on December 19,1895 they were married ansd had their first son Elliot. After everything seemed to be going good, Frost went back to school at Harvard in hope of becoming a teacher in Latin and Greek. Even though it seemed everything was going great, trouble wasn’t far behind. Frost had a disease called tuberculosis that limited him from a lot of activites, and his mother was becoming very ill and too top it all off his wife was pregnant, and also his three- year old son Elliot was ill and soon passed away. All these distractions caused Frost to leave Harvard. Elinor gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by the name of Lesley. By this time they were forced to move out of their home in Lawrence and move to New Hampshire.

During this process Frost‘s mother passed in 1900 and also his greatest supporter his grandfather died in 1901. Frost was pressed for money so he found a job at local school where he worked part time. He felt that that wasn’t enough and wanted to move to England to further pursue his career in writing and poetry. Within the first two-months of his arrival, in1913 he published his first book of poetry called A Boy’s Will at the age of twenty-three. Frost then moved his family 100 miles northwest of London to an ancient cottage near Dymock.In England Frost had a very firm reputation for his poetry, but by 1914 finances caught up with him amd forced him to move back to the United States.

Even though things looked kind of cloudy Frost never gave up and kept on trying. Frost’s move to Amherst in 1917 , brought him closer to his goal by having a job teaching whatever subjects he wanted to for the rest of his life. In 1930 Frost won a Pultzer Prize for collected poems, and also many others such as the Charles Eliot Norton Professorship of Poetry at Harvard. Frost was on the top of his game as far as his career went in writing and poetry. But the most devastating thing happened, Elinor dies in 1938, and just four- years before he put his daughter Majorie to rest. Frost felt that his while world was crumbling before his very eyes.Through all the suffering and pain Frost still managed to put out four new books in the 1940’s. He published A Witness Tree(1942), Masque of Reason(1945), Masque of Mercy(1947) and Steeple Bush(1947). In the last fourteen years of his life Frost was the most highly esteemed American poet of the twentieth century. Frost received fourty-four honary degrees and a host of governments tributes, including birthday greetings frome the Senate, a congressional medal, an appointment as honorary consulant to the Library of Congress, and an invatation from John F. Kennedy to recite a poem at his presidential inauguration.. Frost was a very creative poet who used his personal feeling and life experiences to write his poetry. He often used free verse schemes to write his poetry. In 1963 Frost became very ill and went to the hospital where he stayed until his death on January 29,1963. His funeral was held at the Amherst College Chapel, where 700 guests including John F. Kennedy came to pay their respects to one of the greatest poets that ever lived.

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