Korean War Essay Sample

March 5th, 2017
The supreme art of war is to end it without casualties and without fighting. But this has not been the case with Korean War that took place in 1950-1953. Read More →

Sample Essay on Mahatma Gandhi: The Greatest Leader of India

November 21st, 2016
Mahatma Gandhi is probably one of the most famous names on earth. The primary leader of the independence movement in India, Gandhi is also known as an architect of the non-violent Read More →

Sample Essay on Drone Defense: Preparing for the Future

November 17th, 2016
Without a doubt, you haven’t heard about the so-called the battle of Captieux. It lasted for a couple of seconds, but the invader was completely defeated. The enemy drone was flying south Read More →

Essay Sample: The Legend of King Arthur

September 16th, 2016
King Arthur’s name is known all over the world. This name recalls the honourable ruler of the peaceful kingdom called Camelot, where noble knights of the Round Table fought for their Read More →

Essay Sample: Militarization of the US Police Force

September 16th, 2016
According to the latest news, the US president had barred the federal government from providing US police departments with some sorts of military equipment. The point is that a truly grandiose arsenal Read More →

Pokémon Go Essay: The New Viral Activity of Unexpected Magnitude

September 16th, 2016
While some of us have the sweetest memories when hearing the weirdly pronounced ‘Pikachu’, the rest of the world is trying hard to recall the times, when Pokémon cartoons were Read More →

Essay Sample on Albert Einstein

September 16th, 2016
Albert Einstein is one of the most influential scientists and thinkers of the 20th century. The Nobel Prize winner in physics, he developed the general and special relativity theory Read More →

Sample Essay: In the Aftermath of World War 1

August 17th, 2016
WWI had started on July 28, 1914. That’s when the forces of Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. At first, the conflict seemed to be too primitive and small. However, Read More →

Sample Essay on William Shakespeare: Literary Genius

August 17th, 2016
William Shakespeare was born on 23rd of April, 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon. The famous literary figure had a father, who was a successful local businessman, as well as a mother, who was Read More →

Skaters and Skating Culture Sample Essay

June 29th, 2016
The skateboarding culture has been there for quite a while already. People tended to burn the wheels long before we all were born making the path for what is nowadays a Read More →