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Key Signs You Are Homesick

Homesickness isn’t usually considered to be a serious problem – it is not a real sickness after all, but more of an emotional state some people, especially children, experience when they leave their habitual environment. However, how it affects different people can vary greatly, and sometimes its symptoms may be quite severe. So who knows – perhaps homesickness is exactly the reason why your life feels so lousy right now? Let’s check.

1. Poor Emotional State

Emotional symptoms of homesickness can truly be devastating, especially in people who are used to always stay with their family and are forced to leave home for a prolonged period of time suddenly and for the first time in their lives. A plethora of negative emotions and feelings can arise, most common being the sense of loss, sadness bordering on depression, apathy, lack of motivation to do anything, even taking part in habitual and previously rewarding activities, lethargy, anxiety and even panic attacks.

2. Fixations

Very often homesick people are fixated on what they perceived to be lost – namely, their home and people belonging there. As a result, they constantly think about home, talk about home with others, shunting conversations on this topic whenever possible, look for opportunities to contact people from home on any pretext, compare their current situation and place they live now to where they used to live, seem to be constantly planning to travel there or express a wish to relocate back, no matter how unlikely the implementation of these plans may be.

3. Change in Social Habits

If you are feeling homesick you are unlikely to be very enthusiastic about meeting new people, taking part in social events and communicating with others in general – after all, the real life was back there, and it is never going to be as good as it used to be, so why bother?

4. Eating and Sleeping Disorders

Homesick people often suffer from insomnia. It is normal to have trouble falling asleep in a new place, but if you are homesick it turns into a prolonged problem, and you risk disrupting your sleep patterns for a long time. Lack of appetite is another common symptom.

5. Pain and Other Physical Symptoms

Unlikely as it may seem, in some cases homesickness all by itself is known to cause physical symptoms ranging from light nausea to all kinds of pains including stomachaches, headaches and joint pains. Poor digestion is another known issue with the homesick.

As you may see, homesickness is no laughing matter, no matter what somebody may think or say. And in case you suffer from it, the most important thing is not to jeer at yourself. Admit that you are homesick and a lot of minor problems will suddenly fall into place. You will understand why you have poor appetite, why you want to cry without any visible provocation, why you are feeling depressed. Admitting the problem and understanding it for what it is will allow you to find effective ways to tackle it.

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