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5 Simple Characteristics That Will Make You an A+ College Student in No Time

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If you’re prepared to head out to college within the next few months (or are, perhaps, finishing up your first semester), you’ve no doubt questioned your level of personal preparedness for this major life change. Don’t sweat it! If you’re equipped with a few basic skills—many of which can be honed throughout your years at school—you’ll breeze through the entire college experience.

1.  Time Management

Time management will be your lifesaving skill in a college and beyond. Colleges have acquired a notorious reputation for all-night study sessions, last-minute research paper writing, and a general lack of time. However, if you are able to budget your time and are willing to “get the hard stuff done” before you move on to the fun stuff (like endless hours binging Netflix or surfing social media), you will be successful in your studies.

2.  Dedication and Focus

If you give up at the first sign of a struggle, college probably isn’t the place for you. Without drive and motivation, you won’t have the ability to stick with it during times of duress (which, frankly, happen to even the smartest and most skilled students at times). It can be easy to become distracted by fun extracurricular activities. Set goals for yourself and don’t let any distractions get in the way.

3.  Flexibility

Once you have set your collegiate goals, it’s important to be flexible. If you refuse to bend to changing schedules, workloads, or commitments, you will quickly become overwhelmed and lose your initial drive to succeed. A flexible student will know when to keep working on a task, and when to do something else. Try to keep chipping away at your personal goals—no matter what curveballs are thrown at you!

4.  Attention to Detail (but not too much!)

This skill is vital in developing the skills we’ve already mentioned. You must pay attention to detail for sure. This skill will help you prioritize tasks and catch mistakes. If you’re attentive, you may catch yourself on silly errors when writing papers, completing assignments, and engaging in other tasks.

5.  Communication

Communication is one of the most sought-after skills, desirable by professors and employers alike. Simply put: if you can express yourself easily, you will be successful in the college. This isn’t just in the spoken realm; good communicators also write well and know the nuances of what to say and when. If you communicate well with your professors, this might mean knowing when to send an email, and when to chat in person, as well as what to say and how to say it.

College is a struggle—there’s no doubt about it. However, if you walk onto campus armed with these simple skills, you will be much more successful. College is a time of exploration and personal growth. Why not take this as an opportunity to hone these lifelong characteristics? You won’t regret it!

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