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4 Main Types of Standardized Admission Tests: What and How?

Admission TestsThere are loads of people who get all anxious and nervous before any type of test or exam. If you’re one of them, there is nothing to be ashamed of or sorry for. This is a normal reaction to all the pressure and expectations that are put on the results because they basically decide your future fate. But don’t worry – there are ways to deal with those exams:

  • Imagine that the test is a game;
  • Visualize how the process should go;
  • Believe in your knowledge and skills;
  • Use beta-blockers to decrease the effect of adrenaline (can be prescribed by your GP);
  • Don’t give up even after the 10th attempt – it will make you more skilled and stronger;
  • Focus on your previous successes to feel more confident.

These are not the only strategies, but they are the basic ones to get help when you feel stuck. But the most important technique to tame the beast is to know your enemy. That’s why we’re going to dig into every standardized test out there to be aware of what you will have to handle.

1. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

Cost: $46 (without essay)/$60 (with essay)

This is a standardized test included in the process of college admissions in the USA. It was first implemented in 1926 and underwent a lot of changes. Right now it is developed by the College Board that is administered by the Educational Testing Service. What is its purpose? It checks the students’ aptitude for college. It consists of 4 stages: Math (with a calculator), Math (without a calculator), Writing and Language, and Reading.

2. ACT (American College Testing)

Cost: $46 (without essay)/$62.50 (with essay)

This is a similar test used for the same purpose: to apply for college with results that show how ready you are to study at the higher educational institution. Its four parts (Science, Reading, Mathematics, and English) are designed to evaluate your educational level. The ACT is accepted on the same basis as the SAT with the majority of colleges not giving preference to one of the tests.

3. CLT (Classic Learning Test)

Cost: $54

This test was introduced in 2015 as an alternative to traditional SAT and ACT exams. It is taken online and comprises 3 sections – Quantitative Reasoning, Grammar/Writing, and Verbal Reasoning. Nowadays there are not many universities accepting it for the admissions, but the number of the ones embracing it grows fast because the CLT offers support to those students who turn down the traditional ways of educations and opt for homeschooling, private education, etc.

4. GED (General Equivalency Development)

Cost: $30 (one subject)/$120 (the whole test)

The GED is passed by those who haven’t finished high school or whose high school diploma doesn’t meet the requirements for further education opportunities. It evaluates Mathematics, Science, Writing, Social Studies, and Reading. Anyone who is more than 16 (in some states – 17) years old and is not a student of a high school, is eligible for the test.

As you can see, they are not so scary when you find out about them a little bit more. But what if you choose one test and will deliberately and profoundly prepare for it? You’ll undoubtedly nail it! So, stop being afraid and look your fears in the eye.

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