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Is Student Activism Making a Comeback?

meetingAll campus protests were quite isolated when they first occurred. Some students were not satisfied with the administration. They were severe enough to fight against bad decisions. Recently, the term “student activism” popped up again with the protest in Florida State University last Autumn. That’s when university students were dissatisfied with the fact that state politician John Thrasher was supposed to take the position of school’s president. With that in mind, they’ve organized a campaign called “SlashThrasher” against the Republican state politician. Various groups of students set multiple demonstrations in the city center.

One may name the protest that took place at the University of Michigan in September. At that time, students rallied at the school’s president house to express their frustrations over the losses of the university football team. They had demanded an immediate fire of the athletic director. The latter failed to remove the quarterback from the game the very moment he got a severe injury that was a concussion.

The Underlying Purpose

Student protests against bigotry, racism and many other discrimination types have become a common issue. There’s an obvious renaissance of political activism in every campus. Of course, both – parents and schools authorities want young people to be politically active and thus, engaged in the world. This in turn will make them independent thinkers. However, this leads to more active students’ protests that threaten institutions as well. They give a new feeling to a well-known phenomenon and this feeling is different, bringing something new to the way things used to run.

Back to the Roots

Right now the campus environment is quite similar to the movements of mid-60s, when a lot of things were happening. At that time, students were frustrated with the way the things were going in the US and the campuses as well. To add more, gatherings like that were occurring in other countries of the globe: many professors and students have been protesting in Chile to guarantee educational reform. During the demonstrations, two students were killed.

Causing the Change

Young Americans are always seen as politically apathetic individuals mainly because they tend to vote at extremely low rates. Nonetheless, some experts say that’s because young men and women do not believe that voting or anything like that will ever change the world. For that reason, they consider student activism as more effective tools in bringing up the changes – especially when the changes they’re in need of have nothing to do with politicians.

Despite the obvious renaissance in student activism, the representatives of the authority powers do not seem to be any more sympathetic. That is why only a little number of student activists have managed to reach the desired protest goals. To add more, the reality is that school officials tend to be even less sympathetic at the present day than decades ago. According to the specialists, student activists are rather faced with severely violent punishment instead of any sort of understanding or even the tiniest  acquiescence.


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