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What to Talk about in Your Paper to Be Interesting for a Student Audience?

student-audienceTo grab a reader’s attention, you need to include topics they can relate to. Below are five interesting topics for a student audience!

1. Drinking

Numerous college students like to drink and party, making the topic of drinking a hot discussion between students. People get “drunk courage” and do funny or embarrassing things they wouldn’t when being sober; giving storytellers and listeners a good laugh. Although drinking may not seem like the first choice for writing a paper, you can turn booze into a great discussion.

  • How does drinking affect studying?
  • Who gets the highest grades, sober or party students?
  • Does drinking positively or negatively affect critical thinking needed for writing papers?

2. Procrastination

All students have procrastinated. Out of all the assignments, studying, and other things, one or two things have been pushed to the back until little to no time was left. Students often complain about stressing over having to catch up from procrastinating or comically remember their experience. Since all students have procrastinated, they can relate to your paper.

  • Remember when you forgot about a paper that was due the next day so you had to spend all night writing it?
  • Can you become an alumnus if the quality of your work is based on procrastination?
  • Who has the highest GPA, procrastinators or overachievers?

3. Education Cost

Most students have paid an amount cash for school. This could be to cover tuition, supplies, books, and so on. Every semester, students talk about the willingness to get some financial aid or how they dislike the cost of a course book.

  • How can you get ten dollars back for a book that cost over two hundred dollars three months ago?
  • Why does a book you only use once cost more than monthly car insurance?
  • What makes campus tuition increase yearly?

 4. Deadlines

Every day, students talk about when a paper is due, when the test they are studying for is, the assignment that is due tomorrow, and more. To effectively meet deadlines, students have to juggle school and personal time around. Talking about deadlines in your paper will grab the students’ attention, especially if you talk about the ways to handle them because it is the topic they face every day. Moreover, it will help you to call the listeners to a discussion.

  • How do you manage your time to meet deadlines?
  • What do you do if you are coming up on a deadline but haven’t started?
  • Are there ways to alleviate stress from deadlines?

5. All-Nighters

A paper is due, along with another assignment, and studying has yet to be done; it’s time to pull an all-nighter. All-nighters are not strangers to students. Incorporating such a topic in your paper will get a chuckle or two.

  • How many all-nights have you pulled?
  • How do you survive as an all-nighter?
  • Do you have some tips for all-nighters?

When you write a paper, you have to grab the listener’s’ attention. For a student audience, pick a topic from the list above!

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