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Modafinil: Students Enhance Their Performance with Drugs

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placebo effectModafinil or one of the so-called “smart drugs” taken by the Oxford University students really enhances the human’s brain power, scientists inform.

At the moment, Modafinil is available on NHS. The drug is commonly used as a treatment for narcolepsy. However, according to the most recent researches, a lot of university students use it in their academic life in order to boost performance and deal with exams after Modafinil has been established as directly linked to a highly improved cognition.

The experts of the Harvard Medical School and Oxford University have studied 24 cases related to Modafinil and have discovered that the product really boosts thinking skills. The drug worked especially well when the question was about long-lasting and complex tasks. Besides, the drug mentioned in the study was also found to help students deal with learning processes, planning academic activities, decision making, creativity and memory.

Experts report that Modafinil is one of the first “smart drugs” that really work and what is more, it has just a couple of side effects. However, the researches of the Harvard Medical School and Oxford University point at serious ethical questions. In particular, they are constantly disputing whether the drug should be “classified, accepted or condemned.”

As stated by Dr. Ruairidh Battleday, the product called Modafinil really boosts some of the human’s cognitive functions. The experts say that for the first time people have the so-called cognitive enhancer that has no serious physical, cognitive or emotional side effects.   

This makes the scientists dive into more significant societal debate about how to integrate, control and deal with the enhancement of the cognitive functions. The nearest future will make the politicians and scientists deal with the crucial question of ethical exploration and decide who should be involved in the discussion.

In accordance with the survey performed by the representatives of the Oxford University, 26% of university students have used the drug. One quarter of young people at Leeds and Newcastle had admitted to have tried Modafinil and so have up to one out of five students at the educational establishments such as Nottingham, Imperial, Manchester and Sheffield.

As a rule, the drug is prescribed to the individuals, who suffer from sleeping disorders. Besides, Modafinil has been used by the Air Force of the United States of America in order to keep the pilots alert when they need to deal with the long distance flights.  However, some of the doctors have anecdotally protested against the product and complained that they were admittedly forced to provide university students with valium. It was needed to cope with the withdrawal after the tests and exams since Modafinil has serious effects on the sleep patterns.

The President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Guy Goodwin called Modafinil the first “smart drug” that can help with the exams. But the ethical debate is real and the absence of any pre-existing cognitive damage makes it even more serious.

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