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6 Classes Students Write from Little to NO Papers For

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students write The majority of students flinch when they hear those dreadful words from their professors “Tomorrow is the deadline for your essay”. Typically, they open their assignments only when there are 8-9 hours left before they have to hand in a ready paper, and the whole process of doing homework becomes really stressful. The logical question is “Why do students postpone academic writing tasks until the last day when they can avoid all the fuss by doing it earlier?” And the answer to it consists of several components:

  • This is an unconscious defense reaction of the brain which makes a student procrastinate putting off a complicated and lengthy task (at least, we want to believe that);
  • Students don’t get proper and clear instructions on how to complete an assignment, and thus, are afraid of doing something wrong;
  • They have no idea why they should write essays and research papers, and what kind of benefit (apart from good grades) they will gain.

Unfortunately, professors don’t always bother explaining all the above mentioned problematic moments but demand academic papers submitted on time. If you are one of those students for whom writing assignments seem more like torture, then, you have 2 options. You can either come to terms with it and look for the necessary information on your own. Or, you can select classes that have little or even no writing tasks to avoid all the stress and anxiety. If you opt for the 2nd variant, here is the list of those classes that might help you out.

1.  Engineering

All you will get during a course like that will be labs that will involve technical writing. But this is completely another type where you have to prove your words with formulas mostly, not eloquent speech.

2.  Math

If you’re good with numbers and axioms, give mathematics a shot. We can’t guarantee you that it will be easier than writing an essay. But you’ll never know until you try.

3.  Computer Science

Programming is a hype right now, so in case you’re in search of a without-academic-writing alternative, but want to find something prestigious, computer science is for you.

4.  Economics

This discipline can equip you with many useful skills like critical thinking or analytical mindset (which are usually supplied by writing academic papers). But, in contrast with other courses, this is the least intense discipline in terms of crafting essays.

5.  Chemistry

While it will still require some labs and lab reports, you won’t have to explain why Dorian Gray did what he did or what the benefits of Obamacare are.

6.  Architecture

This can be an interesting major and class choice as it is connected with different drawings, designs, and drafts. Moreover, it doesn’t require a great deal of writing from you in terms of assignments.

As you can see, you have a wide range of choice! Take your time and choose the class that will not only be devoid of academic writing but that you will like.

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