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Tribute to Edith Pearlman

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edith pearlman

One Sunday afternoon, a well known short-story writer Edith Pearlman sat in her apartment together with her friend – a retired psychoanalyst Sandy Siler. Together, the women were sharing their precious memories about the trip they had taken to the Venice Lido when being young, wild and free. One day, while Sandy Siler was away swimming, the famous author decided to visit one of the local casinos. According to the words of Edith Pearlman, the man who ran the roulette was very pleasant and polite enough to help her to bet properly. Grinning broadly, the woman stated that she was pretty good in it.

It was exactly the story that Edith Pearlman was so good at – a young and attractive tourist, a lovesick croupier and the indescribable mechanisms of a unique chance!

Nowadays, Edith Pearlman is 78 and she is truly enjoying her commercial breakthrough. Her next-to-publish work called “Honeydew” is a special piece of writing. The thing is that Edith Pearlman spent the past two years struggling with cancer. The disease left her really weak to write. Nonetheless, the woman exerted every effort in order to reach her goal. Her dedication can serve as an example to everyone.

Not without purpose some of the stories of the “Honeydew” represent characters that face with their end. Moreover, the specter of death can be seen on all pages of her work. Edith Pearlman lost her father when she was in her teens and this event had an impact on her whole life. The only thing left of him except for memories is his photo in her entryway.

Edith Pearlman grew up in Providence, R.I., in a middle-class Jewish neighborhood. Her Polish-American mother provided Edith with a huge stack of bedside books that impressed the girl a lot. Edith’s father was born in Russia and worked as a doctor. At Radcliffe, Edith Pearlman studied literature and attended writing classes, but after graduation she gave her preference to computer programming.

In 1967 Edith Pearlman met and married Chester Pearlman – an amateur musician and psychiatrist. Together, they raised two kids.

As for the writing side of her life, she published her first story in 1969. However, Edith Pearlman’s first book did not appear until 1996. Once the woman said that all her work was directed exclusively toward an ideal reader, who was not averse to being open-minded.

In the early 1990s, Edith Pearlman hired her close pal Jill Kneerim as her agent. The woman spent almost ten years on trying to sell Pearlman’s first three short-story collections. Finally, Edith Pearlman successfully entered all stories into literary contests. Nonetheless, Edith Pearlman always remained skeptical about her works and never expected anyone to take an interest in publishing all her stories.

However, the editors were ready to solidify the Edith Pearlman’s place in the area of literary firmament. Some of them never stop repeating that after reading Pearlman’s stories they somehow feel forgiven for being a human being.

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