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Under the Dome by Stephen King

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Under the Dome is a contemporary novel that was written by Stephen King in 2009. This bestseller is full of mysticism, science fiction and amazing adventures. The heroes of the novel live in a small town that is called Maine. The book can help you relax, forget your worries and be absorbed by the wonderful world of fiction. However, it is not serious; this book is not mentally beneficial and it will not provide any practical knowledge to young people. However, people don’t always want to study. Sometimes they want just to entertain themselves and enjoy reading. Perhaps, this is why this novel is a bestseller.

Summary of the Novel

It only takes one bad day for the life of Chester’s Mills community to become terrible, dangerous and fearsome. It happens because of the giant transparent Dome. Nobody can cross this invisible force barrier – not planes, nor cars, nor people. Several inhabitants were injured or killed by this unknown force. Being terrified and frightened, the heroes of the novel start to react, trying to save their lives and to get free from this terrible and unknown Dome. Dale Barbara, who has got a nickname Barbie, is going to leave the town, but he can not do it because of the Dome. Together with a journalist Julia Shumway, a medical assistant Eric Everett, several women and three inquisitive students he tries to understand the reasons of the situation, to investigate the crimes and to save the town inhabitants.

On the contrary, James Rennie, nicknamed Big Jim, who is a politician and a businessman, wants to use the Dome in order to become more powerful and influential within the community. He does not care about the people. All Big Jim can think of is his power and authority. He appoints unqualified police chief and a selectman, he does not care about the panic within the city and he is suspected to take part in the assassinations of several people.

The Resolution

After several attempts of disclosing Big Jim’s crimes, Barbie is imprisoned as a suspect for the murder. His friends help him escape from prison, but they have to kill the son of the politician, Junior Rennie, because he attacked Barbie. The friends come to a derelict farm and they find a peculiar device that makes them see special visions. People unite in groups; they try to resist violence and to protect themselves. There are several bloody battles, many people are killed. The Chef of the police, who is badly injured, starts the mechanism of the toxic device. Most of the town residents are incinerated. Only about three hundred people remain. It is difficult to breath and they feel bad. Suddenly, Big Jim and his retinue open the source of free air and the people revive. Fortunately, Barbie and Julia find the machine that opens the Dome and push the right buttons. The town is released and the people can breathe freely.

The Principal Characters and their Roles

  • Dale Barbara is an ex-lieutenant of the USA army. He is friendly, inventive, brave and determined.
  • Julia Shumway is a newswoman who works for a local newspaper. She is very clever and she manages to investigate several crimes and affairs. She helps the town inhabitants and protects them from the criminals.
  • James Rennie is an informal and criminal leader of the city. He is greedy, suspicious and ambitious. Pursuing his felonious purposes, he kills several people and dies from heart attack.
  • Junior Rennie is a town hooligan. He shoots several inhabitants and he hates Barbie. Suffering from terrible brain disease he becomes violent, angry and hysterical.
  • Eric Everett is a kind medical assistant. After the doctor’s death he helps people and he tries to stop panic. He is positive and optimistic.
  • Joseph McClatchey is an intelligent and brave student. He is only 13, but he heads the resistance and finds the generator of the toxic substances.

The novel is very interesting, exciting and thrilling. If you want to be distracted from your thoughts or worries and just to relax, this novel is worth reading.

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