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5 Most Popular US Grants for International Students

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Every year more than 500 000 international students come to the United States of America to study here. Due to the complex diversity of the educational system of the USA, students from the other countries are provided with a wide range of learning opportunities and a unique chance to pick an advanced study program they would never find at home.

Grants provided for the foreign university students are highly competitive, and provided for the most talented and hardworking individuals. As a rule, these grants will target young people who are pursuing advanced degrees within very specialized fields. There are various grants for international students and here we would like to present the best of them.

AAUW Grants for International Students

The well-known American Association of University Women provides sponsorships for the annual AAUW International Fellowship for female students in 116 countries all over the globe, giving them an opportunity to get required funding need to study in the United States. The recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit, as well as a commitment to the advancement of girls and women in their motherlands.

Fulbright Grants for Foreign Students

A Fulbright Education Exchange Program is developed and administered by the USA Department of State. This program comprises a great variety of competitive merit-based grants for the students, who are the US natives and the one, who come from the other countries to the United States. Most of the Fulbright Education Exchange Program grants offer funding that covers partial or full tuition, monthly stipends for the grant duration and round-trip transportation. It is recommended to check the official web site of the Fulbright Education Exchange Program to know whether your country is on the list.

Lewis and Clark University Scholarship

The educational establishment located in Portland provides students from the other parts of the world with the Davis United World Scholarship. The award is developed on the basis of a combination of academic merit and financial need. The most eligible international candidates will receive up to $10 000 in financial aid.

The University of Cincinnati Sponsorship

The sponsors of the University of Cincinnati provide a limited range of education grants for international students, who are pursuing their degrees at the campus of the establishment. The sponsorship of the University of Cincinnati includes financial assistance to international students at both – graduate and undergraduate levels. The candidates for the University of Cincinnati Grant have to be full time students and awards will be determined according to the financial need and academic merit.

Columbia College Award

Columbia College that is located in Missouri provides international students with various grants. For instance, the Columbia International Award can be obtained by both transfer and freshmen students who come from other countries. The Award of the Columbia University is determined by the academic merit and its amount reaches $1000. As for the International Excellence Award, it provides a half tuition award to the foreign nationals who comply with the college academic demands.

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