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Using Sample Writing Essays

November 21st, 2011

When it comes to writing essays, there is not just one or two way to write them.  Not only do they vary in style and purpose, they also differ as to how objective or subjective the writer is allowed to be to get across their point. Sometimes the best ways to learn how to write these are to read some examples.

When it comes to being objective, the writer must be able to describe what they are seeing in such a way that the reader is able to form a clear picture in their mind.  Looking over a sample descriptive essay one can quickly see that all personal opinions are left out of the writing. Instead of stating that the children were happy, for example, a descriptive essay would describe what the children were doing to portray being happy, such as laughing and smiling.

Other techniques used in writing these types of essays are the use of comparisons and thinking about how the subject relates to each of the senses.  Reading a sample descriptive essay will help to illustrate the use of these techniques and the tone used by the writer.

Essay topics that are written to define a concept rely on the subjective approach, or what the individual thinks about it. Reading a sample definition essay will show that these papers usually cover ideas and concepts that are abstract in nature, such as family, love, or success. The purposes of these are to define a term using personal observations and experiences and looking at a sample definition essay will help in illustrating how this is done.

There are several websites available with sample writing essays. One just needs to put in the type of essay they are looking for, and then pick the ones that look interesting to read.

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