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Sample Essay on Part-Time Jobs: Is It a Wise Idea to Waste Your Time on Being a Third-Rate Employee?

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Wise Idea This is a sample essay on the effect of part-time jobs on a student’s academic performance and well-being. It will come in handy when you need to raise issues of part-time jobs in your academic papers.

Being a student is not cheap. There are a lot of expenses to be met when one is in a college such as tuition, accommodation, and meals. Student loans can help you pay for these bills, but they usually are not sufficient to cater to all the needs of a student. Students have to supplement their loans with the funds that their parents give them at the beginning of every term. The problem with this is that most parents believe that their kids are provided with everything that they need in a college, and as such, the amounts they give their children at the beginning of every school term is very little. Students are forced to come up with creative ways to increase their disposable incomes, and that’s where part-time jobs come in. With these jobs, students are able to lawfully earn money that will help them pay for their expenses. But are these jobs really worth it in the grand scheme of things? Should students seek them when in a college or should they concentrate on what took them there in the first place – to get an education?

The need to improve their finances is one of the major reasons students take up jobs during the college period. A student needs to keep growing with every school term, and it is only with a steady income that students are able to keep up with them. Since they have classes to deal with during the prime hours of the day, students can only take up jobs that they can do during their free time. This is late in the evening or over the weekend. It appears like the perfect arrangement, but it is also during this time that students should be revising their classwork and completing their assignments. Those who take up part-time jobs are, therefore, forced to skip on their revision so as to be able to work. Revision and after-school discussions with course mates are very important in understanding the concepts taught in class, and skipping them usually results in poor grades. Students are in the college to pass their exams, and part-time jobs reduce the amount of time a student has to revise and prepare for exams. The promise of a paycheck is very tempting, but this is the myopic thinking, and students should concentrate on their studies so as to lay great foundations for the career growth and prosperity.

Part-time jobs also limit student’s social interaction time since from the minute they are done with classes, they are on the way to their workstations. Social interactions are very important in a college as they help students build friendships.

All these factors make part-time jobs a bad idea for college students, but still, what are the other ways to be in funds to pay for all the college needs?


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