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Writing Thesis Paper

November 3rd, 2011

My father always reminds me of the thesis proposal he wrote while in college twenty years ago.  He brags of having written the custom thesis proposal that year in the entire university. While I was writing my thesis proposal this year, he wanted me to present the same thesis proposal to my lecturer but I rejected the suggestion. What my father fails to understand is that things change over time; the style of thesis proposal writing done five years ago is absolutely different from the current style, not to think of a thesis proposal written 20 years ago.

He could have scored an A at that time but presenting the same thesis proposal for my project would earn me an F. I can not imagine presenting an F thesis proposal. Though I must admit that the thesis proposal has guided me in my writing thesis paper contains numerous grammatical mistakes since most of the grammar used by then is currently treated as informal. Current thesis proposal writing has taken a completely different perspective and relying on past sources for references can mislead me.

I know of an essay writer who wrote an excellent thesis proposal for my friend last year and therefore I will have to approach him to write my thesis proposal. I can draft my thesis proposal but I have to fly to the United Kingdom on a field trip in another course. I expect the writer to send me the thesis proposal through my email address within the next 2 weeks. While on the trip, I will read through the thesis proposal and get back to the essay writer if any thing arises.

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